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Thread: Hold Your Horses, We have a NEW Bachelor!

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    Somebody hold me please. I am dying. Ok. Thank you. They found a prince? I am speechless. Cant wait for the sleuthing to begin. So - what's his net worth (Cafegirl? ) ? And, what's he selling? Cosmetics? Doesnt Revlon own that brand? I suppose that they need to refresh the brand and make it appealing again. Cha-ching. So Lorenzo will take a hit for his team. His parents better be grateful.

    I am already cringing in advance , imagining the conversations between this no doubt well travelled and educated guy and the bimbos from Fleiss-land (who couldnt locate Pennsylvania on a map of the US.) I hate when all Americans are then guilty of stupidity by association. Hate. What sort of women are they looking for this time? Did someone have any article links about that? What are the 23 year olds going to have in common with this guy? And have they ever announced it so early - before the women are all chosen? Are they hoping to get more ladies to apply now? More "quality" women who are not 23 years old? The timing is very interesting . Have they ever announced a bachelor before the season was even shot?
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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    It's Balki!

    Or Paul from Wonder Years

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    Reality TV Junkie Shanda's Avatar
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    Id marry the Prince with a bag over his head.......... lol

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    Shoveling the ocean MissThing's Avatar
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    Gosh, I can't wait. Still the best snarking material on TV!
    Papi on being tested for steroids: "All they are going to find is a lot of rice and beans."
    I cater to the Regs!

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    I will be back

    This should be good. I am now looking for to all the sleuthing that will be going on. I read and laugh alot. Thanks for the find.

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    Anticipating roses and broken hearts
    Unk, or Ray Romano's brother.

    Love The Bachelor? Catch the recap for this season's sacrificial lamb lucky guy here in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.

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    FORT Fogey
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    I think he's the best one yet! I love him. I can't wait to watch this series!!

    He's gorgeous!! I'm absolutely hypnotized by his electrifying eyes, his luxurious head of silky hair, his beautiful, glistening teeth and that winning smile!

    I'm totally smitten over this guy!!!

    But then again, who wouldn't be??? He's so cute I have to post his picture again!

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    FORT Regular reneemac's Avatar
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    Cosmetics Company?

    He runs a doggie cosmetics company. Nothing wrong with that. And nothing wrong with the dog in the picture.

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    In Withdrawal joonie220's Avatar
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    HEHEHE! Good one!

    That NOSE! OMG....the nose..it's HUGE!

    Sorry guys but REALLY!! Where did they get this guy. Hope they have LOTS of paper bags handy to pass out to the bachelorettes!

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    His Peace after the Storm cafegirl's Avatar
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    Pom, I love it!! And I love the DOG also!!
    Unk, those pictures are scary they're so close to a match, and Rosekid, I love Ray Romano, so if this guy would be anything (personality-wise) like him, I'd give him a rose!
    BlondieGal, let's hope he's not too EWW>> I"m thinking that maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised (I'm going to be optimistic for at least the first day, and then after that, I'm ready to jump on the snark mobile!)
    Pajamasam, reemamac is right, this guy's bio when you Google him has him selling Doggie cosmetics and supplies!
    Here's what the "Prince" says in the bio for his Doggie grooming line:
    I followed my ancestor's tradition of formulating the finest natural products in the world when I created Royal Treatment's bath and body line. However, this skin care line is for pets, not people! I created this line out of necessity as I came up empty-handed when searching for effective safe products to use on Belle, my eleven-year-old black lab (pictured to the left) as the products I used simply didn't work. They left her skin dry and itchy, her coat became dull and I had to wash her constantly because, well because....she smelled like a dog.
    So I decided to do something about it - utilize my connections in the cosmetic's industry to develop a prestigious line of all-natural, human-grade, gentle and effective bath and body pet products. With the assistance of one of the world's finest cosmetic's research and development departments, I was able to create the ideal grooming line that not only thoroughly cleans a pet's fur, but also moisturizes the skin, promotes a healthy shiny coat, neutralizes pet odors and leaves your pet smelling delicious as a result of the natural fragrance oils we import from all over the world.
    It took over two years of extensive research and development to create these safe, natural and effective products but it was well worth the time and effort.
    Although the Royal Treatment is growing rapidly, one constant remains the same. The world's finest products for your royal pet! Please visit this site every few weeks as new revolutionary products are continually being developed - products that help you help your pet.
    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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