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Thread: The Bachelor 2/6 Recap...Ho's across the country

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    Loved your headlines! Perfect fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yardgnome77 View Post
    Sarah and Travis go up to her bedroom to hangout for a little bit. We get an idea of what her bed looks like, it is exactly what I would have loved when I was 8 years old. Itís a big white bed with pink gauzy curtains hanging all around it, and cute little pillows all over the comforter, my dream princess bed. As they lie on the bed and talk Travis and Sarah share a kiss and cuddle for a little bit hoping her mom does not open the door and catch them. Travis thinks he has reconnected to Sarah again and has found out there are many more layers to her, he tells her to meet him at his locker the next day before homeroom.
    Great Job!!!! My favorite part - who in the world has a bedroom like that besides a girl under 10??? I laughed and laughed - Sarah B. was her own worst enemy

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