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Thread: Rate the bachelor seasons

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    Rate the bachelor seasons

    Well, it is official (for me anyhow). This has shaped up to be the best Bachelor season yet. Travis has been the most appealing, and the sexiest. Moanna is intriguing without being a bitch. Susan is a great villian. We have had the best cat fights, and, of course, Allie G and Kristen makes this season all the more memorable.

    Anyhow, I thought it might be a good time to look back and see what everybody thought of the previous Bachelors. My take:

    1. Alex. He wasn't bad at the time, but in retrospect I realize how cheesy and effeminate he is. He seemed to be appealing and worth all the fuss that the ladies made over him, considering his degrees from Stanford and another major school (can't remember which). But, after the fact, I realized that he wasn't in it for the right reasons. Probably because the gender of the people he was choosing was the wrong one. Still, was a good start.

    2. Aaron and Andrew. I put these two in together because they really seem to me to be the best ones (until now). Both had enough appeal to actually merit the attention of the women. Both seemed to be there for the right reasons. Both seemed like nice enough guys and they both were respectful of the process.

    3. Blob and Jesse. Here is where the series ran into trouble. Neither of these guys were in the show for the right reasons. Both seemed to only be on the show to score with as many beautiful women as possible. And both made me want to vomit in the end. Especially Blob. Nobody has ever been able to explain to me the appeal of an overweight mortgage broker who any girl could meet on the street. Jesse at least had the pro football angle working.

    4. Byron. He was nice enough, and handsome, but the series seemed a bit off to me. Probably because the format changed somewhat in that everybody was older and Byron lived on the grounds with the ladies. I don't know, it was a weird season for me and I wasn't into as much as the others.

    5. Charlie. Almost killed the franchise. There was nothing about the Charlie season that felt like I was even watching the same show. The girls were trashy and low-class. The "fantasy dates" consisted of going to local bars and shooting pool. The girls and Charlie engaged in shouting matches at the rose ceremonies. Charlie himself was a drunk and unemployed to boot. He also made it clear that he was only looking for a woman to hang out with. Like Bob, there was not a reason for women to be fighting over him. Thank god Fleiss seen the error of his ways and realized that getting back to basics is the only way to save the series - handsome guy with a great profession, actual fantasy dates, chateaus, evening gowns, cheesy Chris narrations.

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    This is an interesting category and, while I agree with a lot of what dagney85200 has said, my opinion differs in a few areas:
    1. Alex - didn't watch this one and am glad I didn't from what I've heard.
    2. Aaron - I really liked Aaron Burge and thought Helene was a good match. The show was good, but I hated how he ended it with her and his ego after the show made me dislike him.
    3. Andrew - probably one of my favorite shows and bachelor. I liked him (and still do) altho I thought he chose the wrong girl (should've been Kirsten).
    4. Bob "The Blob" - all I can say is YUCK!! Didn't watch the whole show and can't to this day understand how he was able to get Rebecca Budig to fall for him. I question her taste in men.
    5. Jesse - too young, too immature - both the bachelor and the girls. Also stopped watching after a few episodes.
    6. Byron - my favorite bachelor and favorite show . . liked that he lived with the girls in his own place because he got to see them more often, he picked the right girl and we got to see the romance (missing in this season). A mature, seasoned bachelor with a great personality.
    7. Charlie - see Bob "The Blob" above. Agree with dagney 100%.
    8. Travis - definitely the best looking of any of the bachelors, but lacks something (like maybe a personality). While he is rather bland and boring, he seems to be a very nice man and a class act. The women are equally boring and bland, with the exception of Moana who adds a touch of spice. Hope he ends up with the girl of his dreams, but somehow I doubt any of the remaining three can fill that role.

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    Great summary--I have to agree that other than Mer & Ian, this is the best season for me. I do see chemistry between Dr. T and Sarah S and have from the beginning. Just missing that hammock.

    I never saw Trista and Ryan--just a glimpse of the PINK wedding (and I've always thought a little pink goes a long way). Chic in small doses.

    Andrew's season was good at the time--it was actually the first one I watched--they hooked me with the marathon. Sadly, Jen ruined those reruns.

    Blob & Jesse . . . can't go there . . . just ate dinner.

    I missed Byron's season except for the finale--hot and sweet. I was happy for both of them but especially for Mary. I'd like to watch this one from beginning to end.

    I have to admit I have a teeny tiny soft spot for Charlie . . . although his season reminded me of The Enquirer. He was funny and didn't take himself too seriously. Other than the low budget and the sleaze factor, he was amusing.

    I'm hoping for one more Bachelorette!
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    Randal's Series Rankings:

    1) Byron: He's my man! He handled his series better than any of the others...because he is an actual grown-up. (Earth to Fleiss - more please. Your audience demographic appears to be 40+ - the kids aren't watching, anyway.) And Mary is still my favorite Bachelorette of all time. It's interesting that it's now going to be three years between the time she gave Bob a variation of the "my eggs are rotting" speech and her marriage to Byron in November...I guess they weren't doing too badly after all.

    2) Travis: Grade is incomplete, but if this series comes to a happy end it will stay at #2. The Bachelorettes were much higher up the physical attractiveness scale than we've ever seen, and Travis has handled them pretty well. But they've started self-destructing, which is a bad sign.

    3) Andrew: This is the first series I watched. Andrew was a little goofy, but sincere, and the, ahem, other person fooled me completely. Andrew had a poor pool of Bachelorettes to draw from, but the show was still entertaining.

    4) Bob: I liked this series, despite the way it ended. Bob ended up picking a very good Final Four, and the karaoke/pajama party date with Kelly Jo, Mary, and Misty was an all-time Bachelor classic.

    5) Charlie: Some entertainment value here, Didn't like the lead much, but Sarah B, First Edition was cute, if a little stiff, and Kim Choma and Krisily's relatives delivered plenty of entertainment value. I still put Sarah W at the top of the all-time Villains list - if she were any more self-absorbed she could hire herself out as a giant paper towel.

    6) Jesse: A total failure who almost killed the franchise. Tara, despite the vomiting episode, was an attractive woman who chose to be born to an extremely unfortunate father. Jessica B was 21 years old - it was never going to work. Trish provided the only spark of amusement - she was a villain that I enjoyed watching.

    7) Jen: I only watched parts of this fiasco. Most of those guys were incredible losers - the few who weren't, like Ben and John Paul, had no chance once Jen saw Jerry walk in the door. Then she exercised her woman's prerogative to change her mind - it was no less than Fleiss deserved, but it still ruined the show.

    8) Trista: I only watched only the wedding show - it was good for a few laughs.

    9) Aaron: Only caught the tail-end of the final episode, with Helene's visit to his house and the FRC. It caught my interest.

    10) Meredith: I didn't watch. I didn't like her much on Bob's series, and thought she was an odd choice.

    11) Alex: Never saw a minute of this one.

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    1. Trista I'm a sucker for the good endings, and they made me melt. I loved loved loved Ryan, and not only him, but his whole devotion and adoration of Trista. I loved her she baby-talked to him and while it was annoying as hell, he loved it, and enjoyed her. I loved watching them fall in love. Oh and Ryan is hot. Haha.

    2. Byron Another happy story, he was boring as all get-out, but I liked him w/ Mary and I thought she was a complete cutie, and esp after Bob killed her spirit, I wanted to see someone who could appreciate her. She saved Byron's season for me.

    3. Meredith She and Ian were electric, and I loved that she was so natural in front of the camera. Like she was aware of it, but she didn't care, and in some ways, she seriously "flirted" w/ the camera and gave the best commentaries. She was so funny, and so real, and so candid, and just herself that I loved watching her.

    4. Charlie I love that after all the low-class hookers, he picked the quietest, most normal girl. He was also so goofy and hilarious that it was impossible not to fall in love w/ himself. It was almost as if he realized how silly the whole concept of The Bach is/was and had no qaulms about mocking it and mocking himself in the process.

    Then the others in order. I didn't like them too much, so the list is who nauseated me the least.

    5. Aaron- Major hottie, but a fool for choosing Helene over Brook, and just being stupid in general
    6. Andrew- un-attractive, and also a major doofus
    7. Alex- A "girly-man" to quote Mr. Governer of California
    8. Jen- I felt bad for her b/c she didn't really get anyone w/ whom she could have started a relationship w/ but still horrible season and ridiculous to boot w/ the ending at the ATF.
    9/10. Blob/Jesse - Fliess seriously messed up w/ these two so I'm lumping them together. No. Just no. Jesse- So hot, but the biggest idiot I have ever seen, too young, and he had no clue about what's going on in life. Blob was just disgusting and freaked me out.

    The jury is still out on Travis, but I'm going to say that w/ the way it's looking, I'm putting him somewhere between Andrew and Aaron.
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    1. Byron - once Mary came on it was "game over" and fun to watch as well. He was quite a gentleman. (November wedding - sweeps month, think it will be televised?)
    2. Trista - the romance w/ Ryan was great and it also had a happy ending.
    3. Travis - if he picks Sarah and it lasts - otherwise I'll put it after Andrew. He's a decent guy.
    4. Meredith - still haven't recovered from their breakup-but it was a fun season to watch.
    5.Andrew - loved it, and so sad it didn't last either. He was a nice guy.
    6.Aaron - Chris really thought he was a stand-up guy (he bought the ring himself, like Andrew) - he should have picked Gwen.

    Not worthy of rating:
    Jen - amazing how quickly that show tanked!
    Blob - one word - blob
    Jesse - one word - blob
    Charlie - didn't like it at all - read the FORT, but didn't watch the show
    Alex - didn't see.

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    In chronological oder, unless I messed up somewhere. So it's not a strict ranking.

    1. Alex. That was back in our reality show virginity days, when things were still innocent and I think many of us *gasp* took things somewhat at face value. Although, when I first heard about this show, my first thought was "Oh, no! A matchmaking show, oy." So I kinda was okay with Alex right up until he picked Amanda's big breasts over Trista. Things quickly went downhill after that and I started to catch on... "It's not about the romance, stupid!".

    2. Aaron. Didn't like him. Seemed like a slimeball. As Elizabeth Bennett would have said, better pleased with himself than what he saw. I always thought he just wanted to promote his new restaurant even took Helene on a tour of it under the pretext of his hometown date.

    3. Andrew. I liked him. He was Mr.Jackpot as far as those girls were concerned and Fleiss' first foray into the celebrity arena. Believe it or not, I thought he'd pick Kristen and I actually wanted him to pick Kristen. Don't ask me why, I can't remember but I didn't much like Jen back then. I hated when she did the stupid writing on the forehead thing on their date. Still, by the end I was sold on them. Of course then she had to turn around and ruin the entire show... and prove that Kristen was the better choice after all.

    4. Jesse. Slimeball #2. Can't remember much from this season besides the fact that he was just looking to add some more notches to his bedpost. He's only memorable to me for that singularly cheap gesture at the end, giving the chick a one-way plane ticket. Jerk!

    5. Blob. I always wondered what kind of desperate women liked his overweight, pig faced, unfunny disaster of a guy? Looked like plenty fawned over him though, or the allure of TV exposure at least, enough to sign up to be on the show and willingly make out with him on TV. And Meredith was one of them.... Oy.

    6. Byron. Started out good with Byron competing against that other guy for the right to own the harem. He won the harem, of course and things were going strangely, with him living close to the women. Then Mary showed up. Mary! She was, I'm sorry to say, the original Rotting Eggs woman. She kept talking about her ticking biological clock and smelled of desperation. I often said that the Bachelor could have been anyone, she would have still fallen for him. But it turned out good for them so I'm counting this one as a good season.

    7. Charlie. F-list, semi-celeb wannabe, unemployed, loser with a drinking problem. Gave 2 minute egg timer interviews to the women. Chose Sarah B. who seemed like she was auditioning to be his baby sitter or mommy, but I guess he liked that. Living happily ever after. Oh, and he's hawking bras in the mall for a living.

    8. Which brings me to Travis. I think I just convinced myself, based on the above, that he's the best so far. By default. Kinda like how he'll be picking his "bride", by default.

    ETA: Forgot all about the chicks. Maybe I'm blocking them out. I liked Meredith's season, thought Trista was annoying and I watched mainly to see Charlie and Jen should be flogged... daily, but her season did give us Jerry.
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    and for the girls...

    Can't forget them, although I would like to. My take:

    1. Trista. Annoying, annoying, annoying. Hated her voice, and I never could get over the feeling that she was nothing but a dumb, spoiled, shallow bimbo. I didn't want her to end up with Ryan, simply because I felt that Ryan was way too good for her. I wanted her with Charlie, because I knew that Charlie would just use her and discard her and I actually wanted to see that happen. Not good.

    2. Meredith. I may be in the minority here, but I liked her. She came off intelligent and classy. I actually pegged Ian as the winner from the very first episode, and I liked him very much, although my sister thought that Ian was a secret serial killer. Not sure why she thought that.

    3. Jen. Don't get me started. Here was a woman who hand-picked her suitors, yet couldn't form event a nascent connection with any of them. She was also presented with the delicious man to ever grace the screen, either big or small - Jerry - and dumped the poor guy on live TV. Jerry was the most handsome man I have ever seen, and was intelligent and cultured to boot. I guess that was the problem, because Jen never came off as all that intelligent and probably felt threatened by him.

    I came out of the Jen season upset that I wasted all that time watching. I mean, I guess that I could see that she would be panicked by the whole thing, as it came so soon after breaking up with Andrew. But if she was hesitant about doing it, then she shouldn't have. Her heart clearly wasn't in it.

    Never understood why Jerry didn't become The Bachelor, because he would have been a man worth fighting for. But Travis did the franchise proud himself, so I guess I am not complaining.

    But how about Jerry becoming the next Bachelor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by satorus View Post
    1. Byron - once Mary came on it was "game over" and fun to watch as well. He was quite a gentleman. (November wedding - sweeps month, think it will be televised?)
    Since Byron works on ESPN, and since both ABC and ESPN are owned by Disney, I think it's entirely possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagney852000 View Post
    Never understood why Jerry didn't become The Bachelor, because he would have been a man worth fighting for. But Travis did the franchise proud himself, so I guess I am not complaining.

    But how about Jerry becoming the next Bachelor?
    I 100% agree with Jerry, he is probably the best looking guy to come on any of the seasons. I would love to see him grace my TV set again!

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