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Thread: Rate the bachelor seasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl;2123225;
    I may not have enjoyed the wedding but I loved the romance of Trista's season squeaky voice and all)
    The maturity and sincere passion of Byron's season
    The classic romance of Andrew's season
    The ridiculous unconventionalism of Charlie's season
    The tension and lust of Meredith's season
    And now the class and sense of humor of PLo... I'm loving this guy but having a hard time saying the same thing about any of these girls!!
    The rest of the shows don't rank with me except the absolute bottom would be a tie between Jesse and Blob and Jen!
    I have to pretty much DITTO everything you said, except I never could warm up to Trista....something about her just seemed to annoy me....I never could put my fiinger on it, but maybe it was the "voice" that you mentioned above.

    Great post!

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    My favorite season was Andrew and Jen. It appeared to be a match made in heaven........looks can be deceiving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002;1769759;
    My only favorite season was BYRON and MARY'S. theirs stands out above any other, IMO. The minute she stepped off that elevator, you could see the romance and attraction. I wish these two all the best. They deserve it.
    That was my favorite season too. Byron and Mary seem like the only two who were really ready to get into a relationship.

    Charlie's season was #1 for the humor value in it.

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