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Wouldn't it be a hoot if this show didn't end up boosting SaraB's acting career and not Susan's? They are making a big deal here in Canada about the fact "Capote" was filmed in Winnipeg and has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards - so its apparently putting that city on the map as a new place to make movies. It's also very inexpensive there so they are expecting a boom.
Wow, I didn't realize this about Winnipeg. Personally, I'm hoping that the show boosts Sarah B's acting career and gives Sarah S a shot at a TV career, and leaves Susan the highly unconvincing actress with the no-acting-job that she deserves. That would be a funny -- and just -- ending, I think.

I can completely understand people coming on these shows with *mixed* motives. After all, your chance at landing a partner is extremely slim. But I really think that Susan hasn't even given a thought to Travis or the point of the show and is really *only* acting for the camera -- and maybe trying to get back at Nick. The two Sarahs may also have stage and screen hopes, but they were open to the relationship angle, too, so they're in the clear, as far as I'm concerned.