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Thread: The Bachelor 01/23 Recap: Puff Daddy Dash Does The French Riviera

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    Another two hours of watching Dr.Plastic -otherwise known as Dash Travis- followed by great comedy from you Rosekid. Gosh, I think you have something in common with Dash!

    You're both soooo predictable!
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    Listening to the insipid dialogue on the show I wonder how you manage to stay awake during the whole thing, let alone pick up all the details that you did. Fortunately, for we recap readers you not only catch the details but actually turn the show into something worth caring about (well, almost). The woman and Travis are nicely skewered again.
    Thanks for another very funny recap.[/QUOTE]

    My thoughts exactly. Is it because the footage they show is so boring or because Travis and "the guys" are so boring that I am having a really difficult time staying awake from week to week. It could be because it airs at 10 PM EST and I'm usually in bed by then.

    Anyway, one of the reasons I keep hanging in there is that I enjoy watching to show so that I can really appreciate your witty recap. I find myself looking forward to the roseskid recap more than the actual footage. Please continue your recaps or I will really have felt like I've wasted too many hours of my life watching this show.

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    I think that sarah B. is awesome... not whiny.. and she talks like they do in canada... but other than that... nice recap.

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    Tara Lindsey Lohan "Pour yourself another cocktail, Tara."
    So funny...
    Dash Travis Perfect!

    Once again Rosekid - great recap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderella View Post
    I think that sarah B. is awesome... not whiny.. and she talks like they do in canada... but other than that... nice recap.
    Really... we DO NOT all talk like that!

    Anyway, roseskid... fabulous job, as usual! I'm SO glad you're doing recaps this season... your sense of humor is just so in line with my own, I'd have to quote your whole recap to point out all the funny parts!
    In this case, I think we all accept the roseskid!!

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    "Puff Daddy Dash" I love it!

    Roses, my friend, your recaps are always infinitely funnier and more entertaining than the show. You've really hit a groove with this show! Brava!
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    Brilliant, dear Roses!!! I loved the many ways you found to describe Tara Lindsey Lohan's drunkeness.
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    Awesome recap, Roses! I completely forgot about the episode (that's how exciting Dash is for me) but knew that I'd get the scoop here.

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    Thanks again for such an awesome recap Roseskid! I still have yet to make it to an ep, so you are really giving me a great visual to go with the show! I love "Dash" as Travis's new name, but for some reason I keep waiting for him to start speaking really fast and out of control.

    Based on your descriptions, I have no idea who thought these women would make ANY man an ideal mate, but they sure are fun to read about!

    Thanks for taking the time and saving me an hour of painful watching that I can replace with a few minutes of reading pleasure!

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    I finally have the time to enjoy your recap, Roseskid - Thank you.

    Thank you also for bringing me back to the "reality" of this show. Somehow I got lost in the clouds of speculation. Wry wit such as yours translates on paper into terrific humor, but when they try it on this show (the doc friends) it flops. I guess that is why I was holding off reading your recap until the moment I really, truly needed it.

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