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Thread: Susan - Season 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild1flwr View Post
    So when I found their wedding registry previously, it came down pretty quickly and it was responded that it was out-of-date and they wedding had been called off. She and Nick had broken up.

    Well.... it seems they have new Wedding registries posted with a June 17, 2006, wedding date. Very interesting.... wouldn't you say?
    Wow! Excellent find Wild1flwr!

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    I'm glad she's regained her senses (maybe) and I hope everything works out for them. Her mom must be pleased or else very confused.

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    haha were back on the subject smitten kitten...

    I dont think she was completley acting, I think that her personality is all just that way with everybody, she seems really fake but she is really laid back and just there and smiling.

    and am i the only one who believes she really did like the french food, lol?

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