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Thread: Sarah S. - Season 8

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    Save a seat for me, s'il vous plais.

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    Reality TV fan UOrealityfan's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    In the mountains waiting for the snow to arrive
    I am waiting at the next station and depending how Monday goes may board the train on Tuesday.

    Definitely likely SS, but need more fuel before I jump on....
    Faith grows from little seeds of Hope.

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    FORT Fanatic IrishGal's Avatar
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    Oh no! I hope I didn't miss the train already! I've been a Sarah TN fan since day one. She's beautiful, classy, articulate, confident, intelligent, educated and professional...what's not to like? I adore her. I just hope Travis sees what a gem he has.

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    Premium Member pajamasam's Avatar
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    Me too, me too. The only non famewhore left. I hope to see some true connection building. I just dont get why he said those things to her on the yacht. Are you passionate about anything? Sounds like a breakup line.

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    I' M SO IN, TOO!!!!! SHE'S BEEN MY #1 FROM DAY 1!! It's good to see that others see what I've seen all along. I think it will begin to be obvious to everyone else after tomorrow night.

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    Premium Member BlondieGal's Avatar
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    Great job SnapIt!

    All Aboard

    ALL ABOARD The S.S. Train

    Blondie Gal
    Buckeye Gal

    ETA - Running to get on board!!!

    Anyone else want to board our train? We are going to have a party Monday night.

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    Thanks, Blondiegal!

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    His Peace after the Storm cafegirl's Avatar
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    Well, guys, you know I'm the sceptic of the bunch, I lean toward SS but I like facts, evidence and logic (is that possible on this show? ) to draw my conclusions ... but I never rule out good old intuition on making my choice.
    As far as the criterion for going w/ Sarah Tenn, The facts are not there ... but I add a YET!
    The evidence is sketchy but I believe it's 'meant' to be, we'll start getting a clearer picture after this week's 1/1 date, but the editors will never give us too much, so I expect to see some chemistry (if there is some.. and I'm leaning that way), I would also think this ongoing theme of passion, friends, and stuff these 2 have been discussing will continue and perhaps, Travis might ask her if she's ready to go past the "friends" stage or if she sees them going past the friends stage? The editors seem to be keeping this theme in the conversations they are showing us. I would hope Travis gives her some type of kiss if they are "into" each other, at least at the end of the date, but I don't expect passion....... YET!! :nono
    The logic part of my support for Sarah is the best, because the evidence of the screencaps showing them together at least to the fantasy date stage is the easiest to place her that far. My concern from the caps is that even those pictures don't show a lot of chemistry, especially on Sarah's part.. i.e. the yellow sweater pic of them on the ferris wheel.. she's not even got her arm around him or leaning into him. Hopefully a lot more happens and this is what the editors wanted us to think.
    Now, the spoiler rumors are the biggest link to make me think SS could make it to the end, but we all know how quickly those can be disproved.
    One final thing besides a gut feeling that Sarah makes it to the final 2, is the fact that several people who know Travis and have posted here, all see Travis w/ Sarah Tenn.
    I'm just waiting for National Enquirer to give us their endorsement!!
    They haven't been wrong yet!!
    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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    FORT Fan soapqueen's Avatar
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    Been out of town and catching up on the show..count me on the SS train. Can see them together post-show.

    IMO there is more to them than meets the eye. Definite chemistry.

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    FORT Newbie LuvTheatre's Avatar
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    I am on the Sarah train -- and have been from the first. I believe creative editing is at work here...I look forward to seeing them together on their date!!

    And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
    -Anais Nin

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