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Thread: Sarah B. - Season 8

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    Why would she want to be "hooked up to" Travis?? She certainly is trying..and she already knows he's older than her, and his nationality. You're right..there is no real benefit of her winning this. Shes very very young ,and I highly doubt she truly understands the demands of a doctor's night and day schedule.
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    She's one of the few this season (or possibly the only one) that is acting natural around T. Her opening gestures right out of the limo were kinda funky like her, most of her comments to T are more natural greetings and less staged than we've seen with other gals. She might be looking for a kiss to help seal her deal but so is every other lady on the show. She's not necessarily my favorite but I don't see that she's done anything wrong yet...I also don't think you can discount that they have similar interests and hobbies. No matter how beautiful or inteligent a lady is, if she's not going to have fun, relax, get dirty camping she's probably not right for Dr. T.

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    Reading your thoughts
    I did a brief search on what it would take for them to date after the show.
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    An article from a Winnipeg newspaper about how SB is being slagged online. Now, I'm assuming they only went to the ABC boards, which as we DISCERNING fans know is a scary site at the best of times, and downright ugly the rest of the time. Anyway, kind of funny/sad at the same time:


    Wed, January 18, 2006
    Sarah slagged in cyberspace
    Local Bachelor contestant draws wrath on show's message board


    CAUGHT IN THE NET: Blondin (far left) gets bashed on Bachelor message board (below).
    Every rose has its thorns. And ever since last Monday's premiere episode of The Bachelor: Paris, Winnipeg contender Sarah Blondin has been getting poked from all angles on the show's online message board.

    Blondin, 23, received roses on the reality TV series' first two episodes (Jan. 9 & 16), but masses of viewers are taking totally wicked shots at her via their keyboards. They just can't believe how hunky Dr. Travis Stork has the audacity to, like, crush on the "clingy," "insecure" Canuck.

    Looks like a classic case of Mean Girls syndrome -- 'cept nastier, since haters can bitch-slap Sarah to their heart's content in the anonymous comfort of cyberspace.

    And. Do. They. Ever.

    Let's start with the name calling:

    "She might be the smartest dumb blonde we've ever seen," says ggdsly.

    "Another Crazy Jane in the making," says Fairyprincess37.

    "Squeaky" is also becoming a common nickname for Blondin, referring to her "whiny" tone of voice.

    And of course, catfights are never without cheap shots:

    "Can we say 'over-plucked eyebrows?' Ick," writes honey_ryder.

    "OK, how can a chick who has hair extensions really be expected to love camping???????" says lawyergirlchicago, who earlier noted, "Sarah is a freak!"

    And that's just the beginning.

    Blondin's been dubbed "a dumb ass," "rich," "clingy," "self-conscious," "too young," "immature," "possessive," "a player," "a stoner" and "ditzy." Canadiana23 -- who claims to have known Blondin for 10 years -- insultingly writes, "I have never met someone as manipulative or cunning as she is ... Watch out, she's not as cute as she seems."

    Not to mention the ongoing debate over whether she is "smart enough" to have graduated high school (apparently she went to Kelvin) in 2001.

    "Do they give Visas to people w/o a diploma?? If they do ... they shouldn't!" says Kasey_V_K. Despite the capitalization, we presume Kasey is referring to immigration papers and not a credit card.

    And, naturally, some American boarders seem to hate Blondin just because she's Canadian. Between stoner stereotypes and accusations of being excessively "wild," many Southerners are delighted to diss Canucks.

    "If that's what being a real Canadian is then I'm happy I'm American," says onlyeyeno.

    Thankfully, since the board's flooded with Winnipeg and Canadian threads, many are quick to come to her defence. Like jennyjoanxo, who wrote, "Everyone knows Canadians are better so give it up she's gonna win!!! Go Canada go!!! Woot woot!" OK, maybe that's not the sort of eloquent argument we would have made but, hey, we'll take what we can get.

    At the end of Monday's episode, a trailer for next week's show revealed one of the women is an aspiring actress who went on the show for the wrong reasons. Now Blondin critics have discovered that (as the Sun told you exclusively last month) Blondin had a role in locally shot teen horror flick, Tamara, and figure she's just out for her 15 minutes -- not to score Stork.

    Hostility aside, many (reluctantly) predict Blondin will have a spot in the Top 4 -- which is widely rumoured to be true.

    Even if she did go on the show to boost her acting career, she's in luck. With this kind of attention, the bubbly blond's bound to fall into some producer's sweaty palms. Bad publicity is still publicity, eh?

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    I kind of feel sorry for Sara! Wow..the above comments sure makes us look like pretty ugly "American's"..

    I still like her and so far have seen no other girl that gets under his skin the way she does!!! The sexual chemistry is like none I have seen since Ian and Meredith. As Meredith says.."Whats better than love"...even if it may not last a lifetime ya gotta go for it and see what happens.

    Some seem to forget that it is NOT who THEY want but WHO TRAVIS wants!
    so it just does not matter what others think.

    He seems to have maybe missed out on alot of female interaction while concentrating on his education and medical training...maybe he just likes a gal who is honest, free spirit and let's her feeling be known without trying to be someone she is not just to WIN the prize. He has a highly stressful job and maybe just looking for a woman who takes his mind away from that and just lives each day at a time. Nothing wrong with that!

    So far she is the most REAL girl I have seen so good for you Sara and if it works out for you GOOD for TRAVIS too.

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    This girl remids me of junior high school.

    I expect her to be wearing Travis's sweater, a huge ring around her neck on a cheap chain. She will have "Travis" inside a heart written in ballpoint pen on her arm.

    Gawd - she acts about 13 years old.

    "Cute" in small doses ........ very small doses .......... or maybe just heard in small soundbites .... very small soundbites.
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    I agree that Sara B is cute as a button but she reminds me of my 16 year old daughter. Very immature when it comes to men.

    She has not quite mastered the confidence mask that some of the girls use. Her expressions when the good doc is talking to others is very transparent. I think the doc will get uncomfortable with this and realize the immaturity (in the truest sense of the word) pretty quickly.

    Her best hope is to only have one on one dates. This will ensure that Travis misses all the signals of "trouble ahead"

    Go ahead and start throwing darts....I'm prepared.

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    She has not quite mastered the confidence mask that some of the girls use. Her expressions when the good doc is talking to others is very transparent. I think the doc will get uncomfortable with this and realize the immaturity (in the truest sense of the word) pretty quickly.
    I agree w/ this, but I don't know if Travis will or won't like it. Maybe he'll think it's cute, and a sign that she loves him vs that she's an immature lil brat. So far, he seems to think it's adorable, so it might continue.
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    Click to see Spoiler:
    Snap after the camping date and hometown date she will be gone so its alright. I just hope she keeps her head up high, because from where I'm sitting she is the only one who doesn't seem to give a d*** about him being a doctor. Her bio says she wants someone who is kind, gently, tall and who wants to be with her, so I'm hoping that when he does not give her the rose her survival instinct kick in and she leaves with her dignity intact.
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    Click to see Spoiler:
    She will be devastaed for sure but other than her sobbing I don't expect a lot of cussing & swearing something like Jayne. No she will be too hurt to say much I do believe.. Could be wrong but so far her only confrontations are with Travis. She says little to the girls. Her one friend seems to be Shilo. from the pics any way. Take Shilo & Tara away she has nothing in that house. remind you of some other series ? A new format or writers would be good for ABC

    I agree with the poster regarding the chemistry. They have not produced that yet with anyone else. Helen & AARon had it almost immediatley also.
    If he wants to stay safe he takes SS if he wants adventure / fun free spirit he takes SB.
    This show has never once said anything about marriage it has been produced as a relationship. There is no propose or will he propose advertising here.
    I like this girl as like Travis said she holds nothing back & he likes that.
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