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Thread: The Top Twelve Bachelorettes... **No Spoilers Please

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    I was shocked Cole was let go She and Susan are still the prettiest girls there. Classy and elegant.
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    I don't know about yall but Sarah B is the cutest one. I think. She looks so nice. And it seems Travis likes her to!
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    Susan = Cassansra from ANTM 5?

    Does anyone else watch America's Next Top Model? Susan reminds me of Cassandra, who was a pageant girl who quit when they cut her hair. Same look, same mannerisms... sisters maybe?

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    You all are FUNNY. This is better than the show -- which was irritating. I haven't been a regular but as far as I could see there were some decent women there and for whatever reason they were obsessing about this Travis person, who seemed dull as dirt. The dates look pretty good though. I'd like to see that champagne cellar. And this "dream" of marrying a doctor - what an antiquated idea of a status symbol.

    I can only imagine that it will get worse as he starts to actually believe he really is all that and a bag of chips. Poor guy will be intolerable after this show.

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