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Thread: New Commercial Screencaps *****SPOILERS*****

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    Quote Originally Posted by asher13 View Post
    Actually I think that coat sure looks like the one Cole wears on that Eiffel Tower date. If I recall it was tan and with a feminine cut like this one and the thick dark hair, and the relative shortness in comparison to Travis. In addition, there are many gardens and parks in that area of Paris could it be from that earlier period or possibly a later time frame???

    I am still not convinced about that one balcony shot that everyone states is Susan. The girl in that shot with the denim jacket is much shorter than Travis in that shot. Compared to other shots of him hugging Susan ...it just doesn't feel right. I think the editing this time around is definitely trying to mislead us....things are not what they appear to be... IMHO
    I'm leaning toward the tannish jacket being Moana's. There was a picture on Moana's my space site of her and another girl, who I believe was one of the production crew that she seemed to become friends with (based on all the blogs) and the picture is in Paris at night and she is wearing a tan trench type coat that looks similar to that one. Sadly, when I checked tonight, she had removed that picture, but it was there as late as yesterday. I still believe it's much more likely to be Moana.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charity View Post
    No, it's not. Jehan has on a pink coat that she puts on after sitting around in a little tan sweater for most of the date. Moana has a brown tweed coat and that's probably when she meets him for her hometown date. Definitely not the same coat. That's Moana's hair not an ENORMOUS hat.
    Are you assuming this is a brown tweed coat because it is Moana or that it is Moana because it is a brown tweed coat?

    And if it is an ENORMOUS fuxxy hat, Jehan has one she wears in the carriage.

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    There are 2 new sets of screencaps up on Jokers Update from last night.

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    Screencaps from RealityTVWorld

    I haven't had much time to lurk, and have tried to read through the posts, so don't get mad at me if everyone's aware of this.

    There are quite a few screencaps posted on RealityTVWorld. Can't remember if it's ok to post a hotlink, so I won't yet.

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