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Thread: **SPOILER** The Bachelorettes of Bachelor 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotlanta babe View Post
    Jehan (which syllable gets the accent? I keep thinking "Jihad"!)
    I know someone with this name and she pronounces it Jeh-HAN, at least that's how I say it.
    Also, does anyone else think Stephanie (PR Director from Walnut Creek, CA) looks familiar? Has she been on another reality show?
    It's hard to say because the picture is SO small, but she reminds me of the actress that played Robin on General Hospital. I can't believe I can't remember her name! Kimberly.. something. I'm sure someone will enlighten me.
    Who's your guess for the:
    * Body-clock ticker
    Allie G
    * 1st episode rant for getting dismissed

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    First of all .. the double post is my mistake Zinnia, I was doing this at work right at closing... (bad me!! ) Thanks for catching that.
    Hotlanta babe... I thought also there were some very interesting names..
    Now imagine all those names as "....... Stork" That's fun!!
    I don't know about you guys, but based on pic alone, bu Yyonne
    And I agree with all (especially Pajamasam) about these girls needing to consult us about what they wear for these photo shots!!! Duh??!!!
    Between baby doll get-ups, Kim-Hooker attire and scary high collared dress... these girls definitely don't get any wardrobe consultants at this phase!!
    seems a little forboding to me!! Could she be the one to go off on Travis??? AND is the one who has a shout down with Travis our own mysterious Lollipop??? hmmmm
    I'm thinking Dr. Venus, even at 33 is not the ticking clock. Could be we have another Gaitan (Charlie's show) who fibbed about her age... ???
    Who has a giant clock on their forehead??
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissThing View Post
    Moana!!!! I hope she makes it past the first episode, her name has snark written all over it.
    I'm so glad someone else said that first, as I really wanted to mention it, but felt bad, as you can't really help what your parents name you or how they spell it, but Moan-a, I mean, come on!

    My favorite pick, for a name to go with Stork, is Princess!

    That cq thing is weird - could it be 1) some sort of editorial comment that her name really is spelled Cortney, and it isn't misspelled...but isn't that usually notated with [sic]?...2) her nickname is CQ, but it looks funny in all caps?

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    Wow! its good to be back with yall and the sleuthing!!! Im so excited!

    anyway, i think Sarah H is really pretty from the little picture we can see, i really hope she sticks around, and i find that there is a lot of blondes this time around.. maybe he prefers them! We shall see!!!

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    This is sort of interesting...

    Cole, 26, Sales Executive, who currently resides in Walnut Creek, CA

    Stephanie, 25, Public Relations Director, who currently resides in Walnut Creek, CA


    RandalR, Ageless, Calvin Klein Underwear Model, who currently resides in Walnut Creek, CA

    Actually, they cried the night they left because they didn't want to give up the chance to date me just to do the stupid show, but I assured them that it would be all right...as long as they came straight home after every date and stayed out of any Fantasy suites...

    ...OK, OK, I've never seen either of them before in my life - so I can't provide the board with any current intelligence. But if I hear any rumors around town about their fate on the show, I'll pass them along.

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    Up here in my tree...
    Finally pics to make fun of!!!

    Justs a few innitial comments here, as the season goes on I'll probably find something to object to about each of them, though.

    First things first. ABC code speak decoded:
    -NBA dancer = Cheerleader
    - Vitamin Sales Rep = Pharamaceutical sales rep
    - Student = Waitress
    - Graduate Student = Waitress (long time)

    Yvonne looks like she just escaped from a Victorian funeral reenactment. Moana? You gotta be kidding me. With that name, she'll be in the first group to sail back home. Sarah X 3. I would like just one season of The Bachelor, just one, on which there are no Sarahs or Jennifers.

    Post nuptial name combinations:
    - Princess Stork
    - Moana Stork
    Or more likely: Sarah Stork.
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    What is with these dresses - H&M specials - don't these women look at themselves - and what about the poses - want to appear sultry and seductive but instead come off slutty and campy- look like the pictures you took with your best friend in high school at those photo booths in the mall - you know when you knew you were going to look like a fool - don't know what to think about these women from the poses - Fleiss and company must have been down on there knees thanking God when one of the little sun of a guns major melted on the very first episode -

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    Good, I remembered my password. It's been way too long.

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    Here's my rundown: ticking clock belongs to Allie G. the 33 yr old doctor from FLA. Venus doesnt look quite so concerned with things maternal and they are the only 2 thirty somethings. Hate Venus' dress. Hate.
    Shiloh I like. Both because of her non prom dress and her slightly mortified I - cant -beleive -I-Have -to-pose -for -this- stance. Or perhaps she has bad posture.
    Stephanie either doesnt take a good pix, isnt as attractive as many of the others, or is hated by the producers who chose such an unflattering shot.
    Moana - well he's just not going to pick a brunette.
    April is a tough cookie. Just not getting much more than a certain Neiman Marcus and not in a good way feeling from her. Not his type. (As if I have even heard him speak one sentence....Ha.)
    Lisa - the opposite of April. I dont see him going for prim and proper or skanky. Well, not long term.
    Kyle is in fact winking. I do not like this.
    I also dont like her dress.
    Elizabeth will go far. Nice looking, but not threatening. Similar to the winnipeg sara that we know he likes. Nice caring and helping job.
    Susan - see Moana.
    Jehan will probably make the first cut. Pharm reps have to know how to do well with the chit chat and she is also blonde.
    I think Kristen has a better chance of making the first cut than Ali D. Just my gut reaction.
    Cortney looks like a keeper.
    Princess is gone. he'll keep The doctor/b'ette of color longer just because she is a doc and he's used to dating them. Comfort zone.
    Tara will make the first cut.
    yvonne - whew. Ballistic girl - maybe. Either way = she's gone.
    Sara S. looks like the poster child of Kindergarten teachers. I'm not getting a great vibe from her. Just so so.
    Liza I like. And we know Sara B stays in the picture
    Kathy - meh.
    Sarah H is the prettiest. She'll stick around unless she
    is totally psycho.
    Cole: see Moana
    Jaime is OK. weird dress but will have lots to talk about because of her work. I think she will be around a bit.
    OK so I have him keeping : shiloh, Venus, Elizabeth, Jehan, Winnipeg Sarah B, Cortney, Tara, Sara S., Liza,Sarah H, jaime,maybe Allie G., , Wow - he cant keep 3 sarahs can he?

    Is it just me or does this feel like I am back on some retreat with a bunch of my good old friends from back home after a long absence. Love you guys. Happy Happy.
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    Fun analysis pajamasam!
    I so agree, pajamasam about being back with old friends!!!
    Let the party begin!! My concerns for our sleuthing (and yes, I do realize we don't even have any screencaps yet!! ) is that it will be hard to narrow down pics that Fleiss and co. are notorious for with so many carbon copy blondes to tell apart!! We'll have to hope he keeps a few brunettes (although, I'm thinking the brunettes may not have much of a chance if Travis favors blondes!!)
    If the photos are being released now, hopefully our favorite tabloid magazines, Us Weekly and In Touch and NE might start running some articles!! Hope!! Hope!!
    I'm going to have to print out the pics of the girls to compare and make my personal favorite choices for Dr. Stork!!!
    By the way, the only early spoilers about bachelorettes that seems to pana out is Sara B. from Winnepeg. There was supposedly a Jessica from NY who was going to model some designer's clothes (but unless they meant Jennifer, the model from Boston, that rumor is wrong. There was also a blog with someone saying their friend Lindsey had made the show, but again wrong!!
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