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Thread: Where will the dates be for our Paris Bachelor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl
    "This bachelor is neither an heir, a pro football player, an actor's brother, nor a former contestant. ''He's legitimately employed,'' Fleiss says.
    BWAHAHA! Mikey's burning some bridges! Though I guess, In Jesse Palmer's case, being fourth string quarterback for the 49ers is about as far from "legitimately employed" as one can get.

    The biggest problem for poor Travis will arise if Fleiss hasn't gotten over his taste for seeding the Bachelorette ranks with emotionally unstable loons to create artificial drama. It's been clear in the past that the Bachelor production staff feels the show won't sell without a 25% drama queen ratio. If we're lucky, they'll at last ditch that idea and let the Paris locations do the selling.

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    Hi, peeps. I'm baaaack!

    I'm very psyched about this one. I'll be going to Paris in March, so this will get me in the mood.

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    Yipee! Bama is back! Get your sleuthing shoes on Bama!

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    Hey all! Looking forward to the new season. Less than a month away!

    As for date venues, the Louvre is media-friendly. The Cathedral of Notre Dame ... not so much. Would love to see a dinner date at the Palace of Versailles (about a hour outside of Paris). The Gardens are amazing. Lunch at the top of Le Grand Arc (downtown Paris) would add great scenics, too.

    If they are venturing further outside of Paris -- Monte Carlo (though Prince Albert is still single and might steal the women away -- I mean, you could be an actual Princess), Nice France, Lake Como (no footage of George Clooney -- he'd steal Travis' thunder), Ibiza (island off Spain known for the partying), Barcelona or Madrid.

    And, hey, look what network the show airs on ... ABC, which is owned by ...?
    Think they might try to partner-promote and sneak in a date at EuroDisney??? (It's about 45 min. from Paris.)

    Whatever .... I can't wait!

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