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Thread: Kim trying to be next bachelorette!!!?

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    Kim trying to be next bachelorette!!!?

    I found this on CANOE.

    Ousted 'Bachelor' ready to move on

    By TARA MERRIN -- Calgary Sun

    Former Bachelor contestant Kim Choma, aka Kim Wild. (Sun file photo)
    Alberta's Kim Choma, aka Kim Wild, is not afraid to go after what she wants.

    First, she set her sights on The Bachelor's Charlie O'Connell. Now, she's got her eye on the lead role on the next The Bachelorette.

    "I've been talking to my manager about that. We were thinking something like: 'Who can tame Kim Wild?' " she says.

    The 25-year-old swimsuit model, one of two Edmonton women on this season's The Bachelor, would likely have no problem attracting eligible suitors.

    She quickly caught the eye of many male viewers, as well as the 29-year-old O'Connell, when she unbuttoned her shirt and gave the camera a good look at her assets on the premiere last month.

    "I knew from day one that I was going to be portrayed as the sexpot, so I acted it up and it worked. ABC says of the fan base for the show, like 90 percent is for Kimberley," she says.

    O'Connell certainly started out as a Choma fan. He invited her to his apartment after their first one-on-one date, fueling speculation they may have taken the relationship to the next level.

    "There was no sexual activity whatsoever," she explains. "There is no alone time -- it makes it look like there is, but there isn't."

    Although she didn't give it up on TV, Kim remained in the game until the hometown dates when O'Connell travelled to Edmonton to meet her family. Choma says the date was a blast, despite having the previously-eliminated Edmonton contestant Jenny Adams and Choma's ex-boyfriend Jason crash it.

    "The show had to have set it up because they couldn't have known where we were going to be."

    At one point, Jason took Choma aside for a private chat, in which he called her by her party-girl name Kim Wild. On the show, Choma looked horrified, but she says that was just a bad case of editing.

    "Kim Wild is my nickname because I'm the life of the party. It's not a big deal," she says. "My reaction was to something else we were talking about -- it was two totally different conversations."

    If O'Connell had been handing out medals for partying instead of roses, the curvaceous brunette would have won hands-down. But, Choma was sent packing last week.

    "I was shocked, speechless, like I had been hit by a train," she says. "I guess because the other girls were all fighting with each other, it made better TV to keep them around."

    So did she leave the show broken-hearted? In a word -- no.

    "Charlie is a great guy, but he wasn't the man of my dreams. I wasn't in love with him."

    Now that Choma is out of the running, she has some opinions on which of the final three -- Krisily, Sarah B. and Sarah W. -- should get O'Connell's final rose.

    "I think Sarah B. is the best match for Charlie, but I think Krisily will win. No one understands why she is still there and it's always the one no one wants to win who always wins."

    Choma will be seen on the Women Tell All reunion show of The Bachelor on May 9 on A-Channel and ABC.

    She also plans to make a public appearance in Calgary at a yet to be named location on the May long weekend.

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    Given the direction of the Charlie adventure, Kim as bachelorette could be very entertaining. Could you imagine the guys they would cast?

    1) 3 professed virgins
    2) 2 youth ministers
    3) strip club bouncer
    4) Canadian Football Leauge rejects
    5) seventy year old rich guy
    6) former American Idol contestants
    7) Lanny and Matt from Meredith's season
    8)French guy from Jen's season
    9) recent immigrant from the Ukraine
    10) Secretly married guy
    11) 2 single dads
    12) famous art critic

    guest appearances by
    1) Meatball
    2) Trish from Jesse Palmer and Sara W.
    3) makeover by the queer eye from the straight guy crew
    4) one on one dates to the opera and to a mud wrestling club

    The one problem is that I think they already did this show and called it "Average Joe".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debster
    "I knew from day one that I was going to be portrayed as the sexpot, so I acted it up and it worked. ABC says of the fan base for the show, like 90 percent is for Kimberley," she says.
    Yeah, she and Omarosa can be on the show together (we've already had a show with two bachelors) - it can be the deluded reality fame wh@re edition of The Bachelorette.

    With Kim as the Bachelorette, the show would run into the ground like a dart.
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    She would make Jesse and Guiney Pig's shows look mild in terms of the action that would be going on.

    Can you imagine? She would want to "get her paws" on any good looking guy they had there. They woud have to air it on cable tv. Fleiss would love it, he would put out a special DVD set...Kim Wild does the Bachelor.

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