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Thread: Bachelor Betting Odds

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    Bachelor Betting Odds

    April 25, 2005 -- 'The Bachelor" tonight enters the "home" stretch - literally - when Charlie O'Connell visits the four remaining women where they normally live, work and fight over guys with girls they already know.

    The Post handicaps the field, who have spent much of the first four episodes handicapping themselves:


    Kimberley, 25, swimsuit model, Edmonton, Alberta

    This top-heavy Canadian is someone Charlie can understand: She's HOT!

    Only caused a ruckus in the house with what she wore, and only because the other girls knew they couldn't wear the same things and get away with it.

    If she didn't know how to dress for an art gallery, can't wait to see how she handles a cold afternoon in the Great White North.

    Odds: 3-1


    Sarah B., 24, nurse, McKinney, Texas

    One of these girls is not like the other, one of these girls just doesn't belong ...

    This Christian cutie is the real catch here, but there's something troubling about a girl from Texas who can't ride a horse.

    And a lot of the Southwestern hometown dates involve guns, which may trouble Charlie.

    "Little Sarah" likely won't make it to tomorrow, because it's clear she lacks "fantasy suite" potential.

    Odds: 8-1


    Krisily, 25, salon coordinator, Warwick, R.I.

    Said in the first episode she was a bitch, and turned out to be more accurate than Doppler radar.

    A claustrophobic instigator, started fights with several opponents, then fell apart when they wouldn't go quietly.

    A classic "Bachelor" character: good looking but a little on the, uh, emotional side. They get their overnight time, but can't last longer than that.

    Odds: 15-1


    Sarah W., 24, fashion designer, Los Angeles

    On the old "Dating Game," contestants would exchange questions for 15 minutes, then someone would be chosen because the other person "liked the way she said 'Hello.'"

    "Big Sarah" has the "DG" advantage, getting the first rose on the premiere episode and one of the first one-on-one dates. But she's handling success about as well as Kobe Bryant.

    She became a target of jealous roommates, and handled it beautifully: with isolation, mean-spiritedness, and the old stand-by, crying.

    She has, like, an obvious "connection" with Charlie, and the fact she also lives in L.A. is a huge edge for the post-show dating sessions.

    Odds: 6-5

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    I agree with those odds. Maybe I'd say Kim has a much better chance, but I like the order.

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