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Thread: Final Two Predictions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl
    I'm going to go with Sarah B and Sarah W....only because when he's down to dating both of them, he won't get confused and call one by the other's name in critical moments.
    I agree. I am going with Big Sarah and Little Sarah, only because I think they had a delima in the beginning since Charlie had such a great date with Big Sarah and her character was the favorite. Then Charlie began to show an interest in Little Sarah and we CANNOT have two good girls competing in the end. What would be the sport in that?

    Thus comes the bad edit on Big Sarah for the past few shows. They know Krisily doesn't stand a chance, so who cares. The final three I see for drama sake would be Kimberly, Big Sarah and Little Sarah. Kim the hot spicy one, Big Sarah the hot bad girl and Little Sarah the good girl. Since Charlie conveniently named the Sarah's Big Sarah and Little Sarah, what could be more catchy than to end up with these two for the final. Good VS Evil as usual.

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    I'm going to go with Little Sarah and Kim because they've been edited to look so much better than Krisily and Big Sarah. Assuming they actually planned ahead for the whole dating-the-final-two-girls-until-the-end-of-the-show thing, they wouldn't want to edit either of the final two TOO badly, because then his decision WOULD be influenced by their editing.

    I think.

    THen again, this is Fleiss & Co., so who the heck knows?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by toopicky55
    Well I hope in that last hour they show us the final two's date & what led to the final girl being picked, otherwise we will have missed the whole show. LOL
    They have to show us something on the relationship building.
    I totally agree!

    I am hoping that this whole date the final two before picking thing works! I do not know what I am going to do with out a bachelor fix!

    My vote is for little Sarah and big Sarah. I think that big Sarah makes little Sarah look like a muc better pick.

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    OK so here's the deal ...

    Jenny crashes Kimmi's date and brings Charlie a rose saying,"Will you accept this rose and go on a date with me?"
    Charlie is in Edmonton, and says "This is my show and I can go on another date with Jenny, cause I really didn't want to let her go until she opened her mouth."
    Charlie goes to dinner with Jenny, decides she's better than some others, and GIVES HER A ROSE. Except he has no rose so he promises to give her one later.
    At the rose ceremony, the girls are all lines up and Charlie says, "WAIT! I have already given a rose to Jenny in Edmonton."
    Enter Jenny. Takes rose from Charlie. Charlie gives roses to Little SB and Kimmiboob and Grisley and SarahWitch go home - again.
    Yeah !

    The who are the final two?
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    I believe 100% that Sarah B and Kimberley will be the final two...

    Last episode when Krisily wouldn't put on that fencing mask, even though Charlie was acting like he was fine with it, you could see he was getting tired of her and her "needs"

    And then Charlie and Sarah W. Ahhh... Good times. I guarantee you Sarah will be the one going home next week, cause of the whole "I know who's in the final four, and Charlie said it wasn't you" incident.

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    Like don't you think that bringing Jenny back just for that is sooo duplicate of Trish?? They haven't said stalker & I don't think she is at all but there has to be something else here we are missing. Hell she could apologize like Jayne did on TV. So who knows?
    ABC has only let us know that she comes back & stays breifly.?????

    Again as usual it's probably all to do about nothing but ratings.LOL

    Funny thing most are not buying it, but I am the doofus & think this time there may be something too it. Yeh I am a sucker

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    Why haven't we heard a prediction from National Enquirer? Have they given up on this show?!

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    I'm wondering if the Sarah B in the final two spoiler will go the way of the Jenny in the final four spoiler. Maybe she doesn't give as generously in the fantasy suite and gets cut?? I truly believe Charlie has no clue about what he wants, except he doesn't want any drama queens.

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    Danger Bunny
    Quote Originally Posted by berries
    Why haven't we heard a prediction from National Enquirer? Have they given up on this show?!
    That info would belong in a spoiler thread, would it not?

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    Debcapfans the only one left that is not a drama queen is Sara B so I am not sure about your theory. LOL

    I keep thinking when the girls had there hoochfest 2005 that they showed a clip of Sara B saying she doesn't flaunt her body & has morals & values so I hope she can stick to that. Her comment was she is better than that. If not & ABC shows us something else then she may have some explaining to do. LOL

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