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Thread: 04-11-05 Show Discussion ***SPOILERS***

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    I think maybe this is all a hoax and they are really taping the next "Girls Gone Wild" videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg
    i don't think that was desperate, she was just speaking her mind

    chucky did her a favor by cutting her, she was by far the most beautiful girl there and she can form a sentence and didn't act like a hoochie

    dude was just not attracted to her...and she can do ALOT better than this cat imo
    I do agree with you that she was speaking her mind, but to HIM it probably sounded desperate....overall she was a really nice and pretty girl, but yep I guess he wasn't attracted to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onewally
    I always think the cramped spaces make New York unique and fun...yet Charlie doesn't seem really comfortable here...perhaps LA would have been better....shallow enough for anyone left in the competition

    Ok Museumguy...at least they've spared us the firetruck, double decker, and ferry ride this time....

    I agree those are all Manhattan dating cliche's...and Chuck would be so out of place at the Number one destination for New Yawkers dating on Friday night....(the met. museum of Art......)

    I think his brain would hurt there....

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    Hums chuckies in love rather sarcastically

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    Bum-Chin goes on and on about how "artsy" he is, and he holds up his middle finger and pointy finger, calling his middle finger "art" and his pointy finger "me."

    You know how I can tell that I hang out here in the FORT too much?

    Because all I could think of, when I watched that scene, was "Man, I can't wait 'til Danger Bunny gets his little paws on this scene!!!"
    I hope I didn't disappoint.

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    Part of my enjoyment this season is Charlie's wry sense of humor about himself. His deadpan delivery while making asinine observations is (to me) hilarious. I point with my index finger to his meld of art to himself. "This is art (1 finger), this is me (next finger.) His mother taught art and his father was an art gallery director, so yes, he was probably raised in an artsy household and feels comfortable around it.

    His joke, however, about placing his childhood refrigerator paintings up on the wall, fell flatter than Kim's understanding of the finer nuances of subliminal sex. Good try, Charlie, but lost on your chosen bimbette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Bunny
    I hope I didn't disappoint.
    NO WAY could you ever disappoint me, Danger!!! YOU DA BUNNY, man!

    You did a great job on this past epi! I should have thanked you way before now but life got too busy!

    I can't wait to see what you can do with tonight's train wreck!!!

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