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Thread: Sarah W.

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    did anyone see big-sarah on the jimmy kimmel live show last night?
    i was flipping through the channels and caught a glimpse of her...
    she had a drink and was all sprawled out...
    just wondering if anyone knew what that was all about?

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    Reality tv fan
    I think Sarah W was unaware of the vibes she was giving out....maybe she was a bit delusional, and was trying too hard, but I don't think she really wanted to come off that way. She was really hurt after being eliminated so she spouted all that nonsense.

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    Heh.... I think I'll translate this comment from the article:
    She recognizes how competitive the industry is and, in the past few weeks, she has traded going out and socializing for going to sleep early.
    ...to actually mean that her *rotation* has dried up since they saw her over-confident dribble the night she was voted off. Perhaps her *rotation* now feels that she is too beautiful for them as well.

    and realitytvfan... you're being generous to dear Sarah. Had she not reiterated her crap on the Women Tell All episode, I might have allowed for it to be hurt feelings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by getlostbecca
    did anyone see big-sarah on the jimmy kimmel live show last night?
    i was flipping through the channels and caught a glimpse of her...
    she had a drink and was all sprawled out...
    just wondering if anyone knew what that was all about?
    That was a rerun. (Check page 5 of this thread.) They were doing a spoof of The Dating Game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle
    I find it fascinating that she is working for the balnkie shop. I also find it very strange. What happened to fashion design - or does she design the blankies and bibs.
    I didn't know "designing" baby blankets was considered FASHION DESIGN.
    (Of course, the title is probably ABC's doing. On the 1st season of the Bachelor, Trista had the title of Miami Heat Dancer, when her real job was a Physical Therapist. And, I'm sure Kindle has another job besides Dallas Mavericks Dancer.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzigner
    I just read this article on Sarah the Great...


    The most shocking thing from the article is finding out where our little "fashion designer" works... My Blankee, Inc. (www.myblankeeinc.com) Maybe that's why she was always knitting at the apartment...
    You're kidding. Being a mad, crazy knitter myself, I noticed she wasn't very good at the skill. Does this mean that I can be a fashion designer?

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    Help with trailor clip!

    Im doing a speech for college about looks and society. Does anyone have the clip when Sarah. w got kicked off, then giving her speech on the bus about being good looking?

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    Sarah W. from Charlie's Bachelor Season

    A blast from the past! I saw this story on Inside Edition. I didn't even recognize "Big Sarah" until they mentioned she had been on The Bachelor. You have to watch the video!!

    Inside Edition - Injured Model Talks with INSIDE EDITION

    Injured Model Talks with INSIDE EDITION

    "I had no idea that there was a hole there," the model in the catwalk catastrophe being played across the country says. Sarah Welch is speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about the incident that left the beauty injured.
    "It was almost like falling through ice. I was trying to get out and I remember there were pieces breaking around me and I couldn't," Sarah tells INSIDE EDITION.
    The incident happened at the Shadang fashion show held at Los Angeles posh Mondrian Hotel. Prior to the models strut down the runway, a kung fu artist accidentally put a hole in the catwalk. Sarah walked out just seconds later.
    Sarah tells INSIDE EDITION, "You're told to keep your head held high...so the last thing I'm going to do is get out on stage and look down." The runway itself was built atop the hotel's pool. Sarah says that if the pool hadnt been there, she might have fallen to the floor and broken some bones. "My feet were soaking wet, so if I hadn't caught myself with my hands, I would have had to swim out."
    Sarah is a fashion model with Vue Models. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the model, showing her the video of her runway fall for the first time. Sarah's fall left her scraped up. Her foot is bandaged, and she needs stitches. Looking at her swollen ankle, Sarah describes the damage, "It's like the most extreme road rash you've ever seen."
    So who was the model that came to Sarah's rescue? Model and actor, Jimmy Jean Louis from TVs hit show, Heroes also took to the catwalk for the show. He rushed in when Sarah fell and pulled the distressed model to safety.
    Now looking back on the incident, Sarah can laugh about her runway mishap and the "hero" who saved her. "He was my hero. He saved me," she laughs. To which Jimmy says, "Once a hero, always a hero."

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    Re: Sarah W.

    "Big Sarah" looks like a completely different person with dark hair. Wow.

    Seriously, best 'nickname' on the show, ever!

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    Re: Sarah W.

    I didn't recognize her without the platinum blonde hair extensions. Glad to see she is working, sad to see she's injured.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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