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Thread: Sarah B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamabrain
    onewally, I agree. I'm just not feeling the Sarahlove yet. She's got her game face on, that's for sure.
    I don't see this much, either. If anything, I think she's a bit stand-offish toward Charlie.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    I like Sarah B now. She seems like she is one of the most real, sane, and normal contestants to come to reality TV, especially Bachelor/Bachelorette. At first I wasn't so sure about her, but she really is a likeable person, and cute as a button. I think her healthy self esteem is one thing, too, that Sarah has going for her. She is on same level with Charlie (unlike Krisily...). She doesn't seem to "adore/worship" Charlie, but she sees him as a normal person, her equal. So whatever will happen in the final rose ceremony, I think Sarah will land of her feet.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I feel that Sarah B is approaching this entire relationship thing in a more real way. She's had a broken relationship/engagement and seems to have learned what she wants in a relationship and isn't going to settle. She and Charlie have had discussions about the 'real' world, contemplated their future - who would move. I find her approach much more realistic than some of the other women who proclaim their love for this man two minutes after setting eyes on him.

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    I ,too, agree that Sarah seems to be the most mature in her approach to developing a relationship with Charlie. She made the comment during one of the previous shows that she had just taken the whole thing in small steps and she appeared to be truly enjoying the whole experience whether at the house with the girls or on her dates with Charlie. They have not shown her being insanely jealous. It will surprise me if Charlie picks Krisily unless there's a lot we haven't seen. Even though they were kissing hot and heavy during their overnight date I still didn't feel a real connection. His body language when he has been with Sarah is just different. I didn't go into this show with any expectation but now find myself hoping that he and Sarah have developed a relationship in the real world.

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    I don't think it is a "slam dunk" for Sarah B, by a long shot. First off, knowing what we know (and what Charlie saw) about Sarah W., it would seem preferable for him to take HER to the final 2 with his "sure thing", she would be easier to bump, and that would be more forgivable inthe eyes of the audience due to Sarah W's obvious villain portrayal/edit. In fact, it would have made for better TV for him to keep "Dub" around and her deludinoid rantings all the way to the end. I think when it came down to it, Charlie knew he was going to have to take TWO people who he'd have to see for the few months after the show, and this is why he picked SarhB and Krisily. For whatever reasons, he felt they were worth pursuing. I don't see how the spoilers that say SarahB's mom was telling about Charlie taking her to a beach house and telling her she's the one etc can be that accurate. If people can be sued for 5 million dollars for leaking what they saw at WTA taping, what type of repercussions would a family face for spreading that kind of info. Also, for Byrons ATFR, both Mary and Tonia's families were live via satellite and didn;t appear to know his choice (before watching the show) as friends and family had gathered from both sides. Sorry to ramble.

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    I too am hopeful that Charley picks Sarah B if button-cute is equally in agreement (which still seems questionable). She'd be a nice balance for him, closer to the ground, mini-might straight shootin' Texan with her Bible quietly tucked under her belt matched with a gangly, quirky, undirected but good-hearted holly-male.
    If she wants him, its good news for romantics everywhere.
    We got to see a sweeter side of Krisily last week but she's teetering in full blush of TV glamour. Mini-Sarah seems more ready for real love.

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    Am I the only one that thinks she was a bit calculating in her non-kissing of Charlie? She told her sister and Charlie that she was holding back on purpose. I thought she did it to make him think her more of a conquest when he did actually get to hold her than for noble purposes. In contrast I believed that (insert name of dark-haired girl from Texas, who loved her dogs, made it to the fantasy dates on the first season) really held back because of her beliefs.

    Not that I don't think SarahB isn't nice, just found it odd that she was so calculating about kissing.

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    As I said previously, she has her game face on and I think it's much more difficult to tell what's underneath than it is with Krisily. That may be one reason why at that point in the taping Charlie was intrigued by Sarah B's charms and terrified by Krisily's rawer emotions. And please! How clichéd is that? Playing hard to get by Sarah B's own admission is a strategy. At that point in the taping, it seemed to be winning. Hopefully Sarah B and Charlie have progressed by now to a peek behind each other's masks (and that does include clothes). Who knows if he still likes what he saw?

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    Does she or doesn't she? Two Sarahs have been presented: drinkin', dancin' Sarah and serious Sarah. We don't know the details of her failed engagement or why she signed a contract to be on the Bachelor, but for some reason both Charlie and we are drawn to her and willing to wait and see. Despite camera chat about time running out, it seems as though Charlie is deferring to her on the big decisions and that is very serious stuff. It appears as though she will guide the relationship until both reach solid agreement on whether they can be a couple or not.

    Each time we see them together, Charlie grows more tender and so does Sarah. Her eyes are at the twinkle stage and we'll have to see if they reach the passion stage. His eyes are already half-way to passion stage. This has been very interesting to watch, and I feel only slighty like a slimy voyeur. What would happen if EVERYONE left them alone - including cameras and producers who sure do film an awful lot of their "real" time.

    Rivulets of rain join babbling brook merge rushing stream plunge raging river crest ocean waves crash coral reef sweep out to sea.

    Do Sarah and Charlie get swept out to sea or remain holding hands and dangling toes in the brook? Those two are just so darn hard to read. This is not the WYSIWIG of the show's start. Something deeper is happening. How will it all play out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BellaWood
    Anywho thought I'd post this little tidbit because now it all makes sense.

    The day after the very first Bachelor 7, I was watching The View. During their host chat Elizabeth (before she left on maternity leave) stated she watched the Bachelor the previous night because she happened to see Charlie on Sunday (Easter Sunday btw) with a blonde leaving church. She wanted to see if it was one of the Bachelorettes and it was.......
    I saw that too but I forgot about it! At the time there were so many blondes it could have been anybody... now it's down to just Sarah B. so we'll see. I still don't trust TPTB to not try and pull something on us because they know we are watching. Someone just posted that supposedly Charlie was spotted with a blonde at the Kentucky Derby yesterday. Would he really show up at such a huge event with his chosen one this close to the end of the show?

    By the way... welcome to the FORT Bellawood!

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