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    Good interview thanks. It was obvious that Jenny and Kim's ex joining their date was odd and made no sense. Jenny has nothing to worry about there. Everyone clearly saw the set up and choppy editing.

    Jenny was the most beautiful bachelorette and it was even more apparent when she was in the frame with Dub. Dub with her little crooked mouth, small head and trashed hair did not begin to compare.

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    The interview was pretty revealing about what we all basically knew. If it is a reality show, it's not a very spontaneous form of reality. Jenny did have a point, there seemed to be a reverse relationship between how early some of the ladies left and how attractive they might be in all senses.

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    Here's a recent interview with Jenny Adams, Edmonton, from The Bachelor 7. The Bachelor, in case anyone forgot, was Charlie. Jenny is now happily engaged to fiance Sheldon, whom she knew for years, prior to The Bachelor. They appeared on a local segment of Celebrity Chefs. They appear to be very happy together.

    The Bachelor's Jenny Adams and her fiance sizzle in the kitchen with a favourite recipe. (click on website for photo/video)

    Jenny Adams stepped into the public eye as a contestant on "The Bachelor 7."

    "I don't know if anyone expects to find love on The Bachelor," she admits, "but you do it because it's a good time and who knows? The guy and girl from my show are still together and it's been almost two years."

    Even though Adams didn't get the guy, it's probably for the best. She found love right here in Edmonton.

    "I knew Sheldon before the bachelor," says Adams. "We hung for a little bit."

    After playing phone tag for a while, Adams and her now-fiance finally made the connection.

    Jenny and Sheldon like to spend time in the kitchen, making their favourite foods. Today, they are whipping up a lazy omelette.

    "I think it's just sort of a comfort food, how my dad used to do it. What you prefer as far as the ingredients goes."

    Sheldon and Jenny's Omelette Extraordinaire
    - large onion chopped
    - 4 medium mushrooms
    - 6 green onions chopped
    - red pepper chopped
    - 4-6 medium eggs
    - 2 slices of processed or real Swiss cheese (optional)
    - 8 Johnsonville brown sugar and honey sausages
    - 1 table spoon of olive oil

    Coat the frying pan with olive oil.
    Fry the sausages and mushrooms in the pan.
    Cut the sausages into small pieces.

    Break the eggs into a bowl and mix them with a fork.
    Add the chopped green onion and pieces of cooked sausages.
    Pour the egg mixture onto the hot frying pan.
    Once almost completely cooked, add the red peppers, mushrooms and onions, then flip the omelette in half.
    Cook until complete. Makes two servings.

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