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Thread: Jenny

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    Jenny also holds the type of job that I can see her thinking about this also. Don't kid yourself this girl has done very well for herself at 23 & she has had her share of meeting several prominent individuals in her life so when she said Honestly it's no big deal to Charlie she ment every word. LOL

    I can also see this girl refusing a fantasy sweet if she was approached with one. I think the way ABC approached the suite in the first place is all wrong. I do not believe that all of the people that accepted these dates in the psat all had nighttime fun. Sure some did but not all. The contestants now are very aware of what people think & those trying to still maintain there morals are not having any part of it.

    I think if we look at some of the clips we can see also that Jenney has a shy side to her but she also has her opinions & is not easily led. In that housearound those table spats you never heard anything from Jenney. Jenney looked awfully bored. Jenney wanted the hell out of that house & did what was needed to get out. I have a feeling Kindle or Anitra may pull something of the same here.

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    I like her and think she'd make a great Bachelorette. Kim, on the other hand, shudder................

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    I liked Jenny, but was surprised when she wigged out when Charlie didn't pick her. I think there is something personal between her and Kim, and "losing" to Kim really bothered her. Take away that insecure/vindictive side, and she seems like a nice, smart girl. I liked her again on the women tell all show.

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    The fact that Jenny was able to sit next to Psycho Sara and not pop her one after Sara made some of her delusional statements says to me that she is a grounded mature individual.
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    You must admit Jenny has some humour. I just loved her comments last night to Sara W. In a sly way she asked her if she was still on the cuckoo canukoo bus & if she was still dabbling in fairy dust. What a great way to tell Srar she is whacko & maybe doing drugs. All the girls roared. When standing waitinf for the RC you see her ask the producers to put someone ugly next to her. The girls said she was fun & funny. We saw some of that last night. It's no big deal about Kim & Jenny it's normal. Two very different women living in the same town . One with morals & one with a few but not many. LOL
    I think truthfully Anitra, Kindle & Jenny kinda ran the show last night & jenny didn't come close to what the other two were saying. Jenny used some tact.

    I thought again she got alot of face time, maybe even more than KIM. LOL

    Great girl.

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    There is the path (Obviously, I don't know how to post links) to an interview with Jenny after the show Monday night. She gives good details about what happened behind the scenes, how they edited her comments and other good stuff.

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    good interview with Jenny...thanks for the link!!

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    Very interesting interview!! It's so interesting that Jenny said she recalls things on the show that were different sentences edited together! She also said she has a contract for another year or so.

    She also defended Kimberley when Danushka blasted her about hitting the gym and she said she didn't laugh, but they edited a picture of her laughing.

    Interesting insight! Thanks for posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp
    Very interesting interview!! It's so interesting that Jenny said she recalls things on the show that were different sentences edited together!
    Which is exactly why you can't take anything shown on these shows seriously.

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    I think it is also interesting that Kim has jumped right back into her career and doing what she does, well. I wonder where we might see Danushka modeling - uniforms, like Trish ...
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