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Thread: Jenny

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    There was the Canadian in Jesse's fiasco..... Anne-Catherine from Quebec

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    This is the prettiest girl here by far. She has a gorgeous face.

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    This girl is a cross between Carmen Diaz & Charleze Theron. Her eyes are mesmerizing.. Great looking girl for sure & yup she sure seems smart.

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    Reality tv fan
    That is too bad he eliminated Jenny, she seemed nice and is really pretty. A much better choice than some of the others left.

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    But she wasn't a good choice for Charlie... She may have been all those things that she pointed out... but those qualities are obviously not what he's looking for.

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    I'm honestly glad she's gone. She was getting on my nerves complaining about not having time with Charlie. If they're not getting time with him this season, there's a reason. It seems he's getting to make a lot of decisions on his own this season & will make the effort if it's someone he likes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berries
    But she wasn't a good choice for Charlie... She may have been all those things that she pointed out... but those qualities are obviously not what he's looking for.
    you may be right....but I seriously hope , he's not looking for all the qualities Krisily has....unless he's looking for a good boxing match

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    Obviously Good Time Charlie is looking to get L@id out of this show and nothing else. He's sent home the only girls that have any possibilities of being long-term relationship. Of the girls (can't really refer to them as women) left very few seem to have anything but the "Bar Star" training down.

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    This was on Canoe.

    'Bachelor' contestant back in Canada

    By TARA MERRIN - Calgary Sun

    Charlie just wasn't Jenny's type

    She promised herself she wouldn't cry, but Jenny Adams couldn't hold back the tears after being rejected by The Bachelor.

    The 23-year-old Edmontonian, one of 25 women competing for Charlie O'Connell's hand in marriage, admits she was upset on Monday's episode, but says her frustration was more about pride than love.

    "I was not loving him -- he wasn't exactly my ideal man," she says. "I had eight producers asking me questions, trying to get me to cry and it worked, but it wasn't about him. It was more about being the only person sent home."

    Adams, a marketing co-ordinator for Oxford Properties Group and part-time model, had high hopes of finding love when she met O'Connell.

    The pair hit it off at first, but her feelings dwindled as he continually passed her up for one-on-one dates.

    "Going into the show, I thought it was going to be serious and maybe I'd end up engaged. But when I got there it was just a big party," says Adams, who signed up for the show on-line last fall. "I felt so out of place -- I wasn't myself."

    With the knowledge she was likely going home, Adams sealed her fate in the final rose ceremony when she insulted O'Connell's obvious top two picks -- Sarah W. (for being overly aggressive) and fellow Edmontonian Kim Choma (for dressing like a street-walker).

    "I knew Kim before from the bar scene here in Edmonton. She's a nice girl, but she and I are very different," says Adams, adding she was much more cautious about how she acted than several of the women.

    "I tried not to edit myself, but I kept thinking about the mayor watching it. I didn't want to come home and be embarrassed about anything I did."

    With six ladies now remaining, Adams, who is heading back to New York at the end of the month to tape the women-tell-all episode, can't wait to see who won the bachelor's heart.

    She wants to know if rumours that Choma and O'Connell had a hometown date in Edmonton (sparking speculation she makes it to the final four) are true.

    "I am not allowed to contact the other girls, so I don't know."

    Still single, Adams plans to take a more traditional approach to finding love from now on.

    She says she won't be signing up for any more reality TV dating shows, no matter who's up for grabs.

    "If they called me up and said 'We have a great bachelor this time,' I'd say 'Hell no.'

    "Being on the show was a big deal, but once is enough," she says. "But, on the off-chance they asked me to be The Bachelorette... well, maybe."

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    Here's another article about Jenny that gives more behind the scenes insights.
    Charlie Wasn't Jenny's Type

    Jenny Adams comes right out and admits it: She would never date The Bachelor Charlie O'Connell in "real life."

    That she was willing to do it in a so-called "reality show" is another matter.

    The 23-year-old Edmontonian - the latest contestant ejected from ABC's romantic reality series - says she tried out for the show not to get hitched to some guy she never met, but for the opportunity to go to New York City and live the high life for a while, for a chance to be on television. If reality shows have taught us anything, it's that anyone can be a star.

    "It looked like fun," Adams says during her post-ejection interview yesterday. "They - they - got to do really cool stuff. I don't know what happened to our show, but they got to do helicopter tours around New York City and fun dates and see people singing. We got to play pool and go bowling and have a pool party in the middle of winter in New York."

    The "swimsuit" portion of the contest made her a bit uncomfortable, she says (unlike fellow Edmontonian, Kim Choma, who is in fact a swimsuit model and still in the running as one of Charlie's favourites. Coincidence, you say?).

    Adams recalls, "They actually took me aside and asked me what the matter was. Well, I'm in a pool with all these girls who live in Florida and Los Angeles and they live in bathing suits. I live in Canada! It's wintertime! I'm not in bathing suit shape so I'm a little bit self-conscious, but these girls are so aggressive and so drooling all over him and giggling and laughing, and he's just not that great of a guy, so I'm not going to throw myself all over somebody that I really wouldn't date in real life."

    Charlie does have some good qualities, she allows, but admits she's relieved to be out of his harem of wannabe wives. Adams gets to go back to real reality, to her job as a marketing co-ordinator in Edmonton. She's also a part-time model.

    Her fellow contestants - some of whom she made lasting friendships with - are not so lucky. The Bachelor girls are effectively prisoners in a gilded cage where there is literally nothing to do but drink and talk amongst themselves for the benefit of the ever-present camera crews. There was little intelligent conversation in the suite, Adams laments. They weren't even allowed to play cards. Some reality show contestants can even be affected by a sort of "Stockholm syndrome," where a kidnap victim falls in love with the kidnapper.

    "You live in this bubble," Adams says. "You don't have a TV, you don't have a cellphone. You can't go outside. You can't listen to music. You can't read newspapers. You can't read magazines. All you can do is live, breathe and eat the situation - and the guy. One night, they're like, 'OK, if you guys do this for a while, we'll let you listen to music for 15 minutes.' That would be a reward. So I can see how girls fall in love with this guy, then you get jolted back to reality and you're like, what the hell?"

    So don't mistake her tears at the end of Monday night's show for heartbreak.

    "It was not about the guy. Charlie was clearly not into me. I knew that. You just got the vibe. I was upset because, one, I'm the only person who leaves that night, so I look like a loser. It is a game. And two, I'm sad because you spend 24 hours a day with these girls and the producers and the crew and everybody, and it was very exciting to get to be on The Bachelor and go to New York City, and just like that, in a split second, it's over and you're going home. It's very stressful."

    No regrets, though.

    "I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it," Adams says. "I feel very lucky. I might feel like, 'what was I thinking?!' now that I'm watching it, but I'm not going to say that I regret it."
    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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