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Thread: Bachelor Media Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle
    Also - get us some spoilers that we an really sleuth with. More interest and better snarking. You know, just little things - noses and ears and fingernails - that you all do so well!
    I agree with this. I have liked this season just because there were no expectationsfor a "happy" ending. I would however like more sleuthing material. This time it was slim pickings. Sleuthing is one of the reasons I enjoy this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    oh good lord, what else can they do with this show. Have the dude date all 25 for three months and just not tell them when he's mentally elminated them?
    I think they should get 25 men and 25 women and rename it "The Bacherlors". Give the guys some competition and the chance to be eliminated, too.

    Plus, the show wouldn't be relying on one bachelor's personality (or lack thereof) to carry the show.

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    Charlie was on Tony Danza this morning. Tony asked if he has his mind made up. Charlie said he's definitely leaning one way. He's really hoping to get a lasting relationship out of this experience, and he'll be so glad later tonight when it's all over.

    He also said that brother Jerry keeps bringing strangers home on Monday nights to watch the show with them.

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    From Eonline

    Krisitin from Eonline: ": Is Bachelor Charlie O'Connell still with his ex girlfriend? Is Sarah all a ruse?
    I grilled Chris Harrison (host of The Bachelor) in NYC, and he says: "I will say, right now, Kristin, he is in love. I don't know if he's gonna get married, but he is honest to god in love with Sarah. It was cool to watch. He started crying like a baby. How funny was that? He got all choked up. And he sounds like an old Jewish mom, doesn't he? When he starts crying, he gets all verklempt." We then took bets. Harrison gives them six months to marry. I give them round about...never. I know, such a cynic."
    God they cant pay Chris Harrison enough to say this stuff with a straight face.

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