Our Website Rules - to help you remain an active member of our website, and to stop the problems we have had in previous seasons with The Bachelor.

1) We want an intelligent, respectful member base.

2) No flaming, no baiting, no insults directed toward anyone other than contestants.

3) No discussions of racism, sexism, ageism, or any other ism.

4) Keep it PG-13. That means that "damn", "ass", "bitch" and "bastard" are acceptable, but anything beyond that is not and will be edited or removed.

5) The mods are the people in red. They are in charge of the site, and ONLY they are in charge of the site. If your name's not red, and you see something that violates our rules, you need to use the "Report Post" function (the little triangle sign under someone's avatar), or private message someone in red.

6) If you're going to post "I agree" or "thanks", or something that's 2 or 3 words, we'd prefer you didn't bother posting it at all. Please attempt to "add value" when you post, for the sake of all of the other members and guests who will end up reading it.

7) Don't start a thread if another thread on the first 3 pages of the forum is similar and can be used instead.

8) We have very little tolerance for people who use lingo, don't use proper English, type in all-capital letters, or use excessive smileys.

9) Utilize our "Show Discussion" threads for discussions of that evening's shows, and don't start new threads to discuss what happened on that night's show, even if the night is over. When a show begins airing on the east coast, all threads are locked with the exception of the "show discussion" thread, until the show has completed airing on the west coast. During that time, don't start other threads, and keep show discussion in the appropriate thread. Also, do not change your profile information (signatures, user titles, etc.) to display any "spoiler" information.

10) Our recaps are written by our hardworking writing team. They rock.
It is impolite to use the recap threads to discuss the show - use the Show Discussion thread. The recap threads should be about the recap.

11) Read our other rules. http://www.fansofrealitytv.com/forum...es#faq_be_nice
We expect our members to be familiar with them, and follow them, and don't expect "ignorance of the rules" as an excuse. Some sites have rules and don't enforce them - we're not one of them. Play nice, be good, and have fun.

Special Bachelor notes:

The Forum is clogged enough enough as it is with legit threads. We don't want a bunch of "who do you think will make the top X" threads or "who do you think is the best...". Use the contestant threads. That is why they are there.

There are spoiler threads . Use them if you wish to discuss spoiler type material, and leave the contestant threads spoiler free. Just because the show thread says spoilers on it, it does not mean it's ok to discuss the other spoilers.

We do not allow links to other fan-sites and other non-media sites. We DO allow the posting of "official" media articles, from real news sources, but we require a link to the original content on that site. Offenders will be banned, no questions asked.

Threads here need to remain on topic as much as possible. Something that concerns only one other member (like "nice avatar, where did you get it?" and so on) should use our private messaging system, which is exactly for that purpose. When threads start to wander too far off topic, we will post a reminder. When a reminder is posted, it's not the start of a discussion of our rules or a defense of why it should be okay to be off-topic.

Don't be lazy. If you want to know who has been eliminated read the show thread. Don't post a bunch of "I don't feel like reading the thread" posts.

We do not allow discussion of previous season's contestants. We have archived Bachelor forums where NEWS regarding those contestants may be posted, and if it's not news, we are not the site for posting info regarding past contestants. This is a conscious decision we have made, and you may not like it, but it's our rule and we enforce it.

We enforce our signature length limits. If you're over 4 lines, please use a smaller font size. If you're over 7 or 8 lines, or have more than 2 smileys, your signature will be reduced or removed. We also DO NOT allow non-FORT-smiley images in signatures, under any circumstances.

Downloading broadcast media on the internet is ILLEGAL. We do not allow ANY discussion of it here, whatsoever. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy in that regard. If you're downloading episodes because you don't get it in your area, mentioning that fact will probably result in your removal from the site.

If you are given a temporary suspension from the site, re-registering as another username will result in all posts under that new username being removed, and both accounts permanently banned from the site.

Following these rules will result in a better experience for ALL Bachelor fans, and we appreciate your help in following them.