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Thread: All Encompassing Speculations and **Spoilers** Thread

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    "Look at the second nailbed on the guy's right hand... that HAS to be Jerry!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    "Look at the second nailbed on the guy's right hand... that HAS to be Jerry!"
    No the picture has been flipped; look at the thumbs ... that's ... uh ... uh ... uh ... no one we know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn7575
    Hotlanta Babe said that at the WTA, W was asked about the "the goods" that she had on B, and she said that B had told her that she only thought of Charlie as a friend and that there was someone at home that she may or may not get back together with. Not anything to write home about, so that is probably why they didn't air that segment.
    When W said that, I immediately discounted it because if B had said it, we would have seen it. The producers would show anything that generated a controversy (they didn't withhold that in Andrew's series, when Kirstin said something similar). Also, I'm sure W would have mentioned it in a confessional at the time and would have likely blabbed it to the other girls.

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