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Thread: CHARLIE O'CONNELL - The Bachelor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    I'm looking forward to this installment - I wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Charlie's kind of cute to look at and he'll provide us with more than enough fodder for hours and hours and hours of unlimited, merciless snarking, I'm sure!
    How true, Pomeraniac, I'm looking forward to sharpening my "snarky" fingers to join you in the discussion threads during the show each week!! I may have to get out the old thesaurus... just how many ways can you say, "bimbo" "slut" "tramp" ""ho" ?? It will be one of those mindless, incredibly pitiful "b-grade" type shows like movies such as "Dumb and Dumber" where one's intelligence is questioned for enduring the show, but the insipid and crass humor has enough entertainment value that you stay tuned. I'm watching... "Bimbo thesaurus" in hand!!
    BTW.. have you guys seen the screencaps dreamer has posted of the previews... some of the "bimbo=ettes" aren't really that pretty but they do have the number one recruiting requirement... extra large silicone or saline injected assets!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl
    How true, Pomeraniac, I'm looking forward to sharpening my "snarky" fingers to join you in the discussion threads during the show each week!!
    GET IN THERE, CAFEGIRL, GET IN THERE WITH US!!! We need all the venom and snark we can get on those nights the show's airing!!! We need you!

    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl
    I may have to get out the old thesaurus... just how many ways can you say, "bimbo" "slut" "tramp" ""ho" ??
    I agree, we must prepare, 'cause we could quickly run out of creative ways to say those things.

    I, for one, have already started thinking of ways to say such things in Spanish and Pig Latin, just so that I'm ready!

    Hablaremos pronto sobre estes perdedores nuevos y me muero de ganas!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsFroggy
    I'll probably watch or else just come right here for the recaps and the snark.
    I'll be here for the humor factor of the recaps, but I just can't stomach watching Charlie's orgy. Yick.
    Token Christian.

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    Count me in, or as they say in Bachelor parlance, "game on"! Snarkiness may win out over sleuthing this time, though. I don't know if I'll have the dedication or the instruments necessary to measure and compare all of the plastic body parts this time around.

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    I agree with mmlover...he is not even good looking! You would think of all the wanta-be actors in Hollywood they could come up with a cutie!
    well i heard he was not thier original choice, i wonder who it was, i'm assuming someone famous

    a part of me wants to see it to snark on it, but a part of me doesnt, i would NEVER take it seriously, but it is the last bachelor ever so....we'll see

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    I can't begin to count the hours of my time watching all the shows and even more hours reading and posting with each episode. I have been totally hooked on the whole process. But sadly, I have zero interest in spending even an hour watching Charlie and his little girls. There will be zero romance and hours upon hours of tears and catfights - major immaturity and I don't think I could stomach it. Watching those girls would be like watching a high school party. I couldn't believe the screencaps of him being in the room when one of the girls was in her bra and panties. He's not even good looking, imo; in fact I think he is borderline ugly. It's too bad that ABC couldn't go out with a bang and give us something worth watching. :phhht

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    Quote Originally Posted by monique_46
    He's not even good looking, imo; in fact I think he is borderline ugly.
    I have a feeling this upcoming season is geared more for voyeuristic heterosexual men. Hence, Charlie's mediocre looks were probably irrelevant to the producers. Maybe even a plus because he's non-threatening. He's a guy's guy who guys could see having a beer with. They can relate to him and live vicariously through him. Of course there will be men who loathe him for being a player and being disrespectful of women, even though the women put themselves in the position and the premise of the show manufactures infedility. But anyway. I'm just saying, this time around, I don't think they were looking for Mr. Wonderful.

    Still bummed they're canceling the show. I don't care whether the relationship ends in marriage. Maybe if they focused less on that more of the relationships would thrive. Take the pressure off and not require the players to say things they don't mean.

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    I agree, cake it does appear that this next Bachelor is geared more to a male audience. Does anyone know anything about the demographics of the Bachelor audience? I mean, do men actually watch? I highly doubt it!

    I'm going to take a look at the new show, but I find that I get really disgusted at the way women are at times demeaned and objectified on many of the Bachelor shows. This one looks to be the worst so far, if the promo shots are any indication.

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    Dear Lord. Too funny. Click on the "season premier" - here is the abc medianet
    blurb: Abc medianet

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    What a stupid choice if they want this show to survive! He is an admitted playboy, an E list actor, and not even that attractive (he's no Jerry O'Connell) - plus he dumped his girlfriend so he could do the show. What a load of Doo Doo!

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