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Thread: *SPOILER ALERT* - Winner Revealed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerrygirl05
    Ugh! I try using that link and all Windows Media Players plays is a 3 second clip of nothing. Help.

    I transcribed it on page 3 of this thread - until you figure out your Media Player problem!

    ETA: It's post # 54.
    "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." John Lennon

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Not only has ABC done this on the Bachelor a few times, but we were able to scoop UPN's first season of Top Model this way. The difference is, they wised up about putting live links on their site, and you can't find spoilers on the UPN site anymore. ABC hasn't shown itself to be too bright in this area.

    Let's hope ABC stays that way.

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    I can't get the link to work but just judging from the posts, it sure is going to be an interesting evening! I can't wait for the ATFR!

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    Well.. I too, got my !00% rose game picks, BlondieGal.. whoopee!! It's funny because all season I have been so obsessed with this show that I actually had friends tell me they're "praying" for me! Now don't get me wrong, I love having someone praying for me, but when it's in the context of my friends thinking I've "lost it" concerning this show it's kind of pitiful!! I think "I'm not that bad!!" But maybe I am... I've spent valuable time at work on this show and lots of my spare time AND now.... I feel so anti-climatic about watching this last show!!! I'm not surprised at all... Jerry been my pick. BUT....
    I hated it last season when ABC released the early pics of Byron proposing to Mary because although I knew he'd pick her.. .there was still that 1 to 2% of doubt leaving some suspense.. but not when pictures or Videos are released and we KNOW the answer.. NO DOUBTS>> NO MYSTERY!!!
    I've been picking Jerry for the last three weeks with a 99% assurance rate, but I still had fun doing the "what ifs" just in case those darn producers completely pulled the wool over our eyes. I didn't expect John Paul to win... but I just wanted to sit through the 2 hours without having to DREAD the scenes where Jen pretends to like JP.. knowing she doesn't.. (the same as last time watching Byron with Tanya) .
    Personally, I'd just like to fast forward to the AFRC and see what bull Jen will tell Jerry live .and watch her squirm with JP... and then profess her "LURVE" to Jerry... only to have us read in the tabloids in 1 to 3 months that they broke up..... or sooner if the break up spoilers are right!!!
    I would still love to hear and see "real" love from Jen for Jerry.... but I'm afraid she has not done a very good job of convincing me it's more than her obvious lust.... she just has not had a "glow" about her when she's talked about the show or hinted at her chosen one.... I hope I'm wrong! :

    Just a reminder for anyone posting tonight during the discussion show... this spoiler cannot be discussed during the show because not everyone reading the discussion thread reads "spoilers"... (am I right Mods?)
    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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    They are talking about the show on Showbiz Tonight...now!

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    Yay! Thanks for the transcript. I apparently got to the link too late and it wasn't working anymore.

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    Rose Ceremony Game

    It looks like 24 of us Forters have a perfect score. I wonder if our team is the top one? Excellent job!

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