View Poll Results: Who is Jen Going to End Up With after the Finale and the ATR?

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  • Jerry - I want exposure - Ferris

    74 52.86%
  • John Paul - Not the Pope guy - Merrit

    17 12.14%
  • Andrew - I miss Jen after all - Firestone

    16 11.43%
  • Billy- I want Exposure for my Club - Dec

    20 14.29%
  • Bill- My Trump Time is Up and I'm moving back to Chicago - Rancic

    1 0.71%
  • Chris- Hey this show is ending anyway- Harrison

    12 8.57%
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Thread: Vote on the Poll - Who Is Jen Going to End Up With This Time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igotalife
    I think she'll pick Jerry although I voted for Andrew as a hopeless romantic...I refuse to give up hope that these two will get back together some day.....he still seems to be in love with her.

    I picked Jerry.....but it would be nice if Andrew and Jen got back together. I think there's lots on unresolved feelings left between the two of them.

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    Aol is showing the clip from the MTA where he polls all the guys .. although a lot of them said JP ....Ryan, Wendell, Fabrice all said Jerry. Ryan S said it's been Jerry since day one and the other Ryan described it as love at first sight ....

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    I voted for Jerry because he seems like the more obvious choice.

    I don't really recall what Jen went into this show looking for.
    With Trista it was clear that she was looking for marriage and a family, Jen doesn't seem to be as clear about what she wants or to be in such a hurry as Trista appeared to be.
    I think she has stronger feelings for Jerry so would rather pick the person she likes more and see what happens.

    I still don't get the feeling that Jerry is as into Jen as she is to him, but hopefully it'll work out for all concerned whatever decision she makes.

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    I think Jen will choose Jerry, based on his looks. that's not the man I feel would be more into the relationship, though.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    Just a reminder: Keep spoilers to the spoiler threads, please. Don't ruin it for people who like to be kept in suspense.
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    As I'm a hopeless romantic, I picked Andrew, but I'm beginning to realize that it is just plain hopeless. If Jen doesn't go back to Andrew, I don't think she'll find love for many years. I think those two still have feelings for each other, in spite of repeated denials. Neither dares to speak first, in fear of getting heartbroken. But if they tried again, I think they could do well.

    Oh, what could (should) have been.

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    eny, it would be interesting if you had a poll on who will be returning to watch Charlie as the next Bachelor.

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