It seems from the current forum that people are aching for an update for Byron and Mary.

In this week's US Weekly (March 7) there's an article on page 38 about the loving twosome. I have no scanner, so I'll copy the text.

Byron & Mary: Moving In!

"The more we are together, the better it gets," Mary Delgado, 37, tells US of her post-Bachelor life with Byron Velvick, 40. The competitive fisherman, who just got a commentating gig on ESPN 2's BassCenter, agrees: "We need to be a couple for a while, but we are looking to marry at the end of the year." In the meantime, Velvick and his real estate agent fiancee just bought an 1800 square foot home. "It sits on a lake in Tampa," says Delgado. "We could use Extreme Makeover! But it's a start." So will the home have the pitter-patter of little feet? Velvick says, "I could raise a family with her."
Okay, so Byron's comments have been recycled, but Mary's are obviously new.