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Thread: ***Charlie Spoiler Thread ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensbiggestfan
    "Picking a heartthrob bachelor with a bit of celebrity glamour is part of the strategy to make female viewers' hearts melt and boost sagging ratings."

    Clearly they are out of touch with what their female viewers want.

    Amen to that! This looks to be the Most Unappealing Bachelor Ever!

    Although he is cute. But so was Jesse until you heard him talk (Huh?) and watched him kiss (Ewwww) and saw him eat (GROSS)!

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    I'm surprised they're doing another Bachelor at all since the ratings are terrible. This guy isnt appealing at all....couldnt they find another Byron? He was the best bachelor...and I admit, I liked Aaron.

    Dont kill me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensbiggestfan
    Clearly they are out of touch with what their female viewers want.
    My thoughts exactly.

    I guess we should be grateful that it's NOT Mario Lopez - like they always say on the news "It could have been so much worse"!!

    If that article was a personals ad, here's what I'd get from it: Heavy drinker, playah, lots of drama, commitment-phobic, media ho... basically a guy who's going to score with as many women on this show as he can in a pathetic attempt at gaining some exposure for his imagined show business career.

    Bring back Matthew! Ben! Ryan! The producers clearly have no idea what women want.
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    So ABC isn't even going to try and get someone who's interested in settling down..pathetic. I would rather have a retread than someone who from the gitgo wasn't interested in being serious about settling down. Hey, maybe Blob was an aberration and they should go with one of the vets. This has a Jesse smell all over it...wonder if they'll bring Trash back...and Krysta from Byron...let's make Charlie work for his 15 minutes of fame.
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    This handsome hunk is a 29-year-old actor who just broke up with his girlfriend and vowed he won't get tied down again. But he's looking for a way to get national exposure.
    At least he admits it's media ho stunt, but why in the world pick him? A brother of someone who's a celeb? *yawn*

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    What the hell would make TV executives think that women's hearts will melt if The Bachelor is a minor celebrity who is an avowed partier and has no plans to marry in the first place? What an insult to all women! I find this opinion to be degrading to all women and I think for the first time I will refuse to watch in protest. (Of course I may break down and watch just to confirm that I was right and this will be the worst series yet.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensbiggestfan
    Why, oh, why can't they just bring back a regular guy?! just a normal, regular guy. no third string quarter backs, no brothers of semi-famous people
    Agree completely. More stunt casting. I'm so disappointed. Boooooo, ABC. Booooo. :phhht

    I remember ages ago, Jerry and Charlie were on some adventure type show on the E! channel hosted by Kelly from Survivor 1. Charlie is not as good looking as Jerry, but he came off as more likeable. He was definitely second banana to Jerry, so it's hard to see him carrying his own show. Those pictures posted here do him too much justice . I would not consider him a hunk at all. But I think he has a pretty good personality.

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    This is clearly an insult to fans. I'm not watching. :phhht

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    You think they would have learned their lesson with Jesse. Now we get 19 and 20 year old bachelorettes who don't know how to form an intelligent sentence ( most of them anyway).

    The first episode will be all about them gushing "oh I love you and your brother" and he will be saying " I need to find out who likes me for me and not my celebrity status or my brothers"

    I'm calling it right now, hot tub in every episode - if not twice in an episode!

    and didn't they show this Bachelor already on ABC Family Channel, oh wait that was a TV Movie called " Who wants to marry Ryan Banks?", sorry hard to tell them apart.

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    Oh, this is it. I'm sooooo not watching this.

    Why even call it the Bachelor?
    Why can't they launch a new series "I Want to get it on with a quasi-Celebrity"???????

    Matthew, Ben, Ryan, even Charlie from Trista are too normal for this show now. The only really good Bachelor season was Byron's and instead of learning from their success, on their MOST RECENT experiment, they completely went the other way, and drove the series officially underground. Dead and Buried and what a way to go. :rolleyes
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