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Thread: The Men Tell All

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    The Men Tell All

    I'm counting the days (sad, I know). It seems as if they're going to bring the Fabrice issue out of the closet! How could they possibly handle it? Are they just going to outright ask him if he lied about his sexuality in order to get on a reality show? And what the heck is Andrew Firestone doing there?! Why didn't Jen make an appearance? Was she afraid to have to explain herself to Ryan?
    It was filmed on Feb 12th. Has anyone from the studio audience "spilled the beans" anywhere on-line about what happened, what was discussed, etc?

    Also, if it was filmed before we all saw Ryan get cut, did they just have Ryan show up and then explain to the studio audience that he gets cut in the next show? Doesn't make sense to me because the audience usually has questions for the 3rd person, regarding the last episode where they were just cut.
    Can anyone shed any light on this? I know a lot of you are "specialists" at this sort of thing

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    The "Tell All" episode is typically filmed just before the final three overnight date episode airs. Everyone that joins the studio audience has to sign a confidentiality agreement. There's a financial penalty if they spill the beans on anything that's revealed during the taping (the third person let go, etc). Typically the things that come out of the taping are usually of the person X wore this type of variety...and a few rumors from people claiming to have been there.

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    According to the previews, it appears Andrew shows up to address all of the comments that the guys were making about him on the show. I'm sure it will actually be quite tame, but... it helps to give the other side of the breakup story.

    The previews also indicated something about Fabrice's sexuality, and then they showed a blurb from early on in the taping where one of the guys said "alright, who's the gay one?" Interesting, and I'd like to see more about that.

    I haven't heard that Jen didn't show up... has that been publicized or is it just because (will add spoiler tags, I guess)
    Click to see Spoiler:
    the Getty Images pictures don't have any of her? I know they show Ryan there and I get the impression that it was a surprise.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Owl
    And what the heck is Andrew Firestone doing there?!
    My thoughts exactly... I have gave Firestone alot of credit for showing alot of class when it was announce that Jen was doing the show. He never said a negative thing and wished her the best.

    I will be so mortified if he ruins it all now. I hope the MTA show is like all the previous ones where nothing of interest is ever said... its just a moment to parade out the losers one last time...

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    I am very disappointed that Andrew is coming on the show....oh well, add it to the pile of weird, tacky reality show twists.

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    The only thing I know about it comes from Ryan's phone interview on AMNW this morning. He said it was a lot of fun, and that there was some "Fabrice bashing," when a few of the guys kind of ganged up on him. He didn't say anything about Andrew, but it was a fairly short interview and they didn't ask him.
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    I highly doubt that Fabrice will admit anything about being gay.. they're obviously using the "gay agenda/issue" to bait us into believing that he will though.
    Exactly what they did for the rose ceremony...
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    Of course they are going to bash Fabrice, he actually made the show watchable and got a lot of camera time. Everyone bashed Trish in her season of the bachelor, but do you really remember any other bachlorette. No.

    And they probably won't mention he is gay. That is just a teaser. ABC would never admit they put a gay contestant on a heterosexual dating show. Well, I never though ABC would edit the bachlorette to look bad either and Jen is just coming off horribly this season. So, I could be wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Igotalife
    I am very disappointed that Andrew is coming on the show....oh well, add it to the pile of weird, tacky reality show twists.

    Actually I'm quite excited about Andrew being there....should be interesting!

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    The only way they could make this entertaining would be to have "The Shirtless Men Tell All." Now THAT I would watch!

    We all know that ABC will say anything in the previews to get viewers to tune in... then we DO and nothing happens!

    I'm ready for this to be over. When does the next season of The Bachelor start?
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