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Well , Jerry has promoted absolutely NOTHING including him self! But some think he is anything but a honest guy! Why is that? He seems to be the ONLY one not looking for fame like many have said!

I don't think anyone in this show has been out there overpromoting themselves. I think that they have been out there doing the requisite tv interviews, and have given interviews to their local newspapers, but that's it. Many of them have websites, but so have nearly every other reality contestant out there. It's simply the nature of reality tv these days.

And even kitschcakes has said that Jerry has dabbled in acting and may want more gigs out of this.

Mike's website has been in place since long before the show. He's been in the fitness business since long before the show. He had a gig with Sylvester Stallone long before the show. He lives in my local area and I have not seen him on television since the night he was booted. If anyone expects one of these contestants to not try to get their 15 minutes of fame, they're incredibly naive.

Take a look at Kyle from Real World: Chicago... he's now on Days of Our Lives. Matthew from American Idol Season Two is now on One Life to Live. Eric Nies. Elizabeth Filarski Hasselbeck. The list goes on and on with contestants that have been able to make a successful career for themselves after a boost from reality tv. More power to them.

Jerry doesn't exactly have the same things to promote as JP and Mike.... so if these two HAD been promoting their businesses then that would explain the difference. If Jerry was selling his art, you can guarantee he'd be out there trying to promote it and sell it. He'd be an idiot to not.