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Thread: 02-14-05 Show Discussion ***SPOILERS***

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmjm
    Zinnia, I don't read the ABC board, and even if I did I wouldn't quote from there. The rumour as I heard it was definitely from Kirsten. I always thought that Tina Fab had not been with Andrew. Her lack of physical/emotional response to him was one of the reasons he let her go.
    I read that rumor on the ABC board regarding TinaFab back during Bob, before I found the FoRT. When (and where) did you first hear it regarding Kirsten? Because what I read was attributed to Tina, I knew it had to be false. Although there were so many false rumors, I was so hungry for A & J info, that I looked at everything.

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    Zinnia- I'm a bit unclear if we're allowed to talk about other boards here, so PM me if you want to know. I can only tell you where I think I heard it, I know it wasn't here, since I first started lurking during the Meredith season.

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