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Thread: Ben

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    We were all trying to date the same girl and some relationships were moving more quickly than others.
    What an understatement. She is all over Jerry, but it's as if she has a restraining order against the other guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl
    What makes Ben was attractive in my book is that his intelligence beams through his thoughts and words w/o fraunting it and his sense of humor is great.. a little snarky, very dry and insightful!! He's my fav.. even if he isn't Jen's...
    Exactly my thoughts about Ben, too!! Including being my personal favorite for ME!

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    Wow, I'm impressed. He's a very good writer. Don't know if he's being edited much, but if not, he should consider writing as a sideline to skiing. Great voice!
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    Very impressive! I like him best now, even though we all know he won't last past tonight. Articulate, intelligent, and sardonically witty are a very attractive combination. Cool interview.
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    Yeah, I agree - I think this guy is cool and quite cute, but definitely under the radar. Something tells me Jenn is not impressed for some reason. Guess he's just not her type. But, you never know - he may rise out of the woodwork and make an impression. Or, as most of us think, he'll head home tonight.

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    Ben looked so adorable and GORGEOUS tonight. *sigh*. I don't know how she wouldn't want to give him this one more shot that he was openly offering. A day in Aspen with Ben sounds like heaven to me. And instead she picks Wendell? :rolleyes Wendell's a good dude and all, but... I mean.... come on. And she looked totally unmoved by his hearfealt appeal.

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    I agree with Cake.... ben was so cute and vulnerable. i bet he gets a ton of calls from girls who are out there and interested in him. Heck, maybe i'll try to get his number

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    Wow, thanks for those articles from Ben.

    I was always impressed with him, but now I realize what a really huge prize he is. Very intelligent. Loved his comment on why he went on the show: that he endeavors to live an interesting life and this experience qualified. I also liked on the show that he was more laid back, but the cards just didn't fall for him.

    I don't think she is really interested in Wendell or JP -- only Ryan and Jerry. She purposefully picked Ryan and Jerry's letters -- and she said that she wanted the basketball winner dates to be Ben and Ryan. If Ben could have gotten even 1/2 of a date, I think the final 3 would easily have been Ben, Jerry and Ryan. Those 3 are the cream of the crop, and I don't mean only by looks (as fine as they are).

    Ben would make a fine bachelor, though I am not sure he is ready to settle down.

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    We know that Ben's a very good writer (and he himself reiterated that during the letter-writing challenge). That she didn't pick him is very interesting, I think. Maybe she thought he was too smooth? Her video diary seemed to indicate that. I liked him more and more as the show progressed. Would loved to have seen more of him rather than Wendell.

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    Reality tv fan
    Quote Originally Posted by bamabrain
    Would loved to have seen more of him rather than Wendell.

    Actually I wish she had kept Ben (who was cute and very down to earth) and gotten rid of JP. I'm not sure about her real feelings for Wendell yet, she seems to like him , but are those just ''friendship'' feelings?

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