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    [QUOTE=Igotalife]You gotta give him an "A" for ambition though....the mini-second clip he had on last nights show discussed his goals for a political future....ski buminstructor, politician...makes you wonder if he comes from money.

    .......THEY ALL COME FROM MONEY AROUND HERE! alot of the guys here-- and there are many-- are what we call "trustafarians."

    i was sizing him up this summer at one of our wine events and he's pretty cute! i said something incredibly stupid to him, by accident, a few weeks later, completely embarrassing myself.

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    He's adorable and I totally see the Matthew Broderick thing now that you brought it up!! He soo looks like he belongs on SJP's arm, right out of NYC so that gals can corrupt him I guess . He looks like a sweetie but not for Jen imo, he's too nice. Oh and I'm totally curious about the SATC jokes that he made you think of?? All I see is a cutie that def belongs with SJP and her gals in NYC
    Big: You know, Manhattan has a lot of beautiful women.
    Carrie: What an amazing observation!
    Big: But the thing is, after awhile, you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babymay
    I think- Liam ???- the kid in Step Mom and Lemmony Snicket...
    Hahaha! Yep! I see it. But I actually think Ben is really cute. Too bad no sparks with Jen. I'll take him - he seems like a great all around guy. (Looks a little like a young Matt Perry too.) Here's hoping that Liam kid will grow up to look like that!

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    I LOVE BEN!!

    wow...I've been really dissappointed about how I have only seen him in like 3 spoiler pictures...I really hope that they just didnt take any pictures of him and he's in the top 4..[MOD EDIT]i dont really like them as much as Ben, Jerry, and Wendel..
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    Go to the site and look up the the first article in the series as well. He is hysterical as well as observant and articulate. You'll have to search earlier columns on the left and type in Ben Sands in the search box. Cant wait for the next one.
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    Reality tv fan
    Hmmm... I can't even judge him yet, because he's basically had very little interaction with Jen so far. I don't see any sparks though.

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    Jerry, Ryan and Ben would be my final three. I melted when Ben said his brothers taught him to treat women with respected. This guy is going to make some lucky woman very happy.

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    he's ok..
    not my type but I am not going for him...

    Want the Jerry to win!

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    Thanks for the article that Ben wrote... interesting insight. He's also a very talented writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGal
    Jerry, Ryan and Ben would be my final three. I melted when Ben said his brothers taught him to treat women with respected. This guy is going to make some lucky woman very happy.
    Sorry, NYGal, but I can't agree. That type of thing always seems like a line to me. What does treating women with respect actually mean? Does he not treat men with respect? And why did he have to have someone teach him this? That just seems like a line that is supposed to make you think he's a sensitive guy, but if you called him on it and asked what he means he'd be at a loss to explain it. JMO.

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