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Thread: John Paul

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    Thanks Cafegirl!!! That reinforces JP's basketball skills also.
    Teenagers make you crazy!

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    If, somehow, Jen picks JP, and they eventually get married, and eventually have kids....not many more names beginning w/ J are left!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl
    here's the article.. What's up with all the J..names.. I'd feel like I was at the "Waltons" saying goodnight "'night, John Boy, 'night Mary Ellen!!""
    And notice how clever, brother Joe Ross is at the bottom in evading the real question about Jen going to his home for a visit. Technically if he and the other J..fill-in-the-blank brother were at college, more than likely they didn't get to meet Jen!!! (Ya, can't fool us here at the FORT!! :nono )

    In the spotlight
    Thursday, January 20, 2005
    News staff writer
    The Merritt brothers of Oklahoma City are accustomed to scrutiny. As starters for the Samford Bulldogs, J. Robert and Joe Ross play under the sometimes harsh lights of Division I basketball.

    But, as of last week, J. Robert and Joe Ross lost a little - OK, a lot - of the family spotlight when older brother John Paul made his network television debut on "The Bachelorette."


    After two weeks, John Paul's still in the hunt with a big four-on-four basketball game on tap next week.

    Don't try worming any "Bachelorette" dirt out of J. Robert, 22, or Joe Ross, 19, though. The two remaining Merritt brothers at home - Jake Ryan and Jeffrey Connelly - aren't talking, either.

    "He had to sign a $5 million contract, so if he says anything he's in trouble," J. Robert said after practice Tuesday. "We've been bugging him about it, but he hasn't spilled any info.

    "It's really amazing. He says he can't go outside in Oklahoma any more without people bothering him. It's kind of overwhelming to him. He's still getting used to it."

    Joe Ross, a redshirt freshman who moved into Samford's starting lineup replacing an injured Randall Gulina on Jan.8, said he's not letting the oldest Merritt brother's celebrity go to his head.

    "He's definitely hearing about it from us," he said. "I definitely call him, asking him about some of those guys. Some of them seem a little different. We've been giving him a hard time about it."

    The Merritt brothers give Samford's opponents a hard time on the court.

    J. Robert, a junior and just a few courses away from his degree, is eighth in the nation in 3-point field goal percentage (48.2 percent). He leads the Bulldogs in scoring at 15.5 points a game and is tied with Jerry Smith for the rebounding lead at 4.1 a game.

    Joe Ross is scoring 5.3 points in 17.5 minutes a game. The Bulldogs (9-6, 4-0 Ohio Valley Conference) play tonight at 6:45 at Morehead (Ky.) State (7-8, 1-3).

    "Not too many people anywhere have a chance to play Division I basketball with their brother," J. Robert said. "My parents enjoy it because instead of going two different places they can come and see us both.

    "I know a lot about his game and he knows my game. I have more confidence in him, probably more so than anybody else."

    Joe Ross said he turns to his brother for support, particularly after those tough early practices learning coach Jimmy Tillette's complicated Princeton offense.

    "It's been great having him here," he said. "He's so helpful, especially with the complexity of this offense. Talking after practice, there were those days when Coach is on you about not doing things right. J. Robert's been able to tell me it's OK that he does that to everybody.

    "Playing-wise, I have so much confidence in him. I know if I give him the ball I'll get an assist."

    Tillette says the Merritts aren't clones. "They are both outstanding players, but they are very different in their personalities," he said. "J. Robert - a three-word sentence is a stretch for him. Joe Ross is really outgoing and gregarious."

    One last "Bachelorette" question: Has Jen Schefft been to the Merritts' home, a clue to John Paul's chances to make it to the final rose ceremony?

    "That's the rumor around town," Joe Ross said. "Some friends say that, but we haven't met her." E-mail: mperrin@bhamnews.com

    Yep, they're getting even more media coverage now that their bro is on the Bachelorette. The B'ham ABC station is interviewing them regularly as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shubie127
    And BlondieGal - OKLAHOMA IS *NOT* THE MIDWEST. (Chicagoan here) I believe they consider themselves more Southern than Midwest. Midwest is Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa... Basically your Big Ten schools (except for Penn State)... and probably Kansas and Missouri too.
    Sorry shubie, I guess I was thinking Big12 conference. My husband lived in OK for a bit, and he thought that was part of the midwest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igotalife
    it's great that he is 25, ambitious and dresses perfectly at all times...but is it fair for him to assume Jen would forego a career in order to be "taken care of" by "Zjohn Paul"? Hints of TinaFab's comments about being on a vineyard barefoot and pregnant if you ask me....but then, that's just me...I found his comment to be a little self-serving. Whew! I feel better knowing now what bothered me about him (besides his lips).
    Igotalife - you're reading my mind. I was going to post something like that too but I've expressed my yuk of him enough times that I figured I should quit bashing.
    Quote Originally Posted by monique_46
    I want to see him have a good belly laugh!! You think he is capable?
    No. I've seldom seen such a humorless cretin on t.v. And Jen seems to like the silly so I'm finding it really difficult to figure out the attraction there.

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    John Paul:

    This guy just does nothing for me at all. He is only 25 years old, he is not that good looking, and his personality is blah. What on earth does she see in him? Evidently, most of us here on the Fort don't understand it either. If she ends up with him, we will all be amazed at her taste, but at least he is better than Fabrice or the Virgin Runner.

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    i honestly dont find JP..(a) attractive (b)outgoing

    i think hes quite boring to be honest..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogopogo
    I've seldom seen such a humorless cretin on t.v. And Jen seems to like the silly so I'm finding it really difficult to figure out the attraction there.
    I'm with you there, Ogopogo. Just not seeing it at all, unless he is piles different in person than on tv. I don't think we've seen a big smile from him once, just that little smirk. I hate smirks.

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    If you go to this Samford University site - and click on his brother's names you can see pictures of them and their profiles. My gosh his brothers are tall - 6'4'' and 6'6''! They are cute.


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    Wow, John Paul's brothers are really cute. Thanks for the link Krispy.

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