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Thread: John Paul

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    John Paul Merritt's New Show

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    I hate to say this but I think he had plastic surgery to add a chin.

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    I'm glad that J.P. has been able to get on with his life. He seems to have a good head on his broad shoulders, and supportive family and friends. He was successful before the Bachelor and obviously will continue to be. I'm very glad he's been able to see Jen for what she was and not harbour doubts or regrets. And that he's actually taking time to have some fun.

    It's too bad that things didn't work out for Jen & the Bachelor the first time 'round. But after what she pulled on the Bachelorette....

    Jen Scheft gives women a bad name.
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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    Odd that there is no mention of station, date or time this will air.

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    Because they're still shopping it around, Dogbat. The second link on the bottom is for people to put a bid in on the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post

    Jen Scheft gives women a bad name.
    In major American cities, especially on the coasts, her type is all too typical these days. I call it "Sex and the City Syndrome" - the terrible role models on that show have in a lot of ways warped a whole generation.

    But Jen probably isn't any worse at giving all women a bad name than Bob or Jesse were at giving all men a bad name.

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    John Paul's TV Show update

    Quote Originally Posted by Snapit View Post
    OKLAHOMA CITY -- Former "Bachelorette" runner-up John Paul Merritt says several Los Angeles agencies are looking at the pilot of a reality television show about his life called "The Entrepreneur."

    "I always took the notion that I'm young and when I get up the next day, whether I get up with $1 million or negative $1 million, I've still got to get up and have the same attitude, and that's to go at life all or nothing," said Merritt, 26. "That's the mindset of an entrepreneur."

    Merritt, who started his own company at age 20, runs the Cafe Nova restaurant in Oklahoma City and hopes to have three other restaurants the works in the next two years. His company, Merritt Interests, also has divisions in investments and real estate.

    He said he doesn't think his restaurant would be doing as well without the "Bachelorette."

    "Being on the show has given me a lot of opportunities," Merritt said.

    Merritt's marriage proposal was turned down by "Bachelorette" Jen Schefft on the show's March 2005 finale but it was almost by accident that he got on the show. He was accompanying a female friend who wanted to try out for the "Bachelor" show when an ABC producer approached Merritt.

    "I had nothing to lose," Merritt said. "In the worst-case scenario, it was free advertising. With the business stuff I had going, I knew I'd be able to take advantage of the marketing opportunities."

    Merritt, who has a serious girlfriend, said you have to use fame wisely.

    "It's a balance between business and using your 15 minutes of fame," Merritt said. "It's basically like a tank of gas. You can step on it and go or you can conserve it, and I've chosen to conserve it."

    Is it too much to ask for some reality in reality TV?

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