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Thread: Jerry

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    I am on the Jerry train too...why not? Of the guys left it's only him and Ryan who spark the slightest interest for me, and gosh darn it he's adorable.

    Igotalife, that avatar is too much! I love it!

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    I really don't need NY Post page six to know he is a actor/model wannabe. You can feel that vibe miles away. I understand his eye candy quotient is off the chart, so is his famewhore quotient.

    An art gallery director? What does he direct? We know he was formerly a traffic director, aka doorman, at Harry Winston in NY. He surely had directing experiences. Where did he go to college?

    I think his every move was scripted and his next move is that "to Andrew Firestone's loss and our gain" toast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    ....I don't see wanting a career in TV and falling in love are mutually exclusive. He could have come on the show for exposure and found himself in love.

    Too many of his friends have come forward, on the ABC board, saying what a sweet fabulous man he is for me to jump to believe he is otherwise. Time will tell. For now, I like the guy.

    I hate the editing, always have. Why hide it, it is the premis of the entire show! You dont want a surprize, you want to feel satisfied at the end. sigh
    I agree with you Dogbat!

    BTW - I think that everyone is being really hard on Jerry about this article when we already know that he didn't date Lori, he had a friendship with her...that's already proof that the article is not completely true.

    I also have this thought. I am all for Jen finding the truest love she can find on the show. But does anyone get the idea that she enjoys the limelight as well. I mean after Andrew, she had a option to retreat and date 'the average man'(whatever that is. ), however, she dated the winner from the Apprentice at a time when he was all in the media, only to return to the television to find the right man for her.

    Hey, as the saying goes, all's fair in love and war. When it gets down to it, I wish that she will find the truest love she can find on this show. Hopefully, the person she chooses, if they came with some 'famewhore' baggage, will see beyond that and give her love that she truly deserves.

    Sidebar: Everytime I see this smiley, I think of our beloved Chris C.
    hehehe.... "Jen is smokin' hot..... Yeeeeooow!"

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    I've been reading everyone's post and thanks for the info and opinions.

    As to Jerry, if you go to everythinglori.com which is Lori (realworld 10) posts the episodes you'll see in episode 14 she talks about Jerry and states they did go out after the Show but they didn't date. So I am convinced its the same guy and do think its kind of weird how he keeps ending up on these reality shows. Hope he is in this one for the right reasons.

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    I think Jerry seems like a nice shy quiet guy .. I like him and I won't say anything badly about him or anyone on this board..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    Jerry is trying to break into show business, if we are to believe the article, so I doubt he was actually a doorman. I think he probably got that as an acting gig. Real World wanted a cute young thing so they gave the old gray haired doorman the day off.
    Gaa!!! Why would you want to believe an already disproved article??? :rolleyes He was the doorman, he wasn't part of a reality show except for incidentally being caught on camera with one of the reality show cast, and he was also the Harry Winston doorman in LA for awhile when he moved out there. And apparently, it is a not insignificant job, it pays well, and is one for which you have to have an impeccable background and record as you are heavily bonded in order to be around all that ice. Having never had the opportunity to frequent Harry Winson's, I don't know for sure, but a credible poster on another board opined that door opening is but a small part of the duties and he would have trained for the jewellery business itself. Why are people so anxious to put others down?

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    Funny, I was not putting Jerry down but defending him. So many posts were putting him down for "only" being a doorman. There are many active threads here and I have not read every post by any means though I do aim to keep as current as my schedule permits. Sorry.

    I did not know that article had been disproved. I don't think having a green card is a bad thing. Those comfortable in front of a camera would gravitate toward a show like this and love happens no matter what your original motive may have been.

    Jerry is my favorite and I am hoping he is the love story.

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    Remember on one of Trista and Ryan's dates they showed a wedding and pictures of the bride and groom. Are they sending a similar message here? It just looks so wierd having a bride shown so prominently on a muddy bank.

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    I am also leaning toward Jerry as the guy who gets the girl. She seems to be the most attracted to him and all nervous and giggly when around him. He is smooth, but I also get a shy vibe from him. He's not a big talker, but can be sarcastic (he kind of throws out one liners very quietly). We have not seen much of him which usually means they are heavily editing their interactions because they don't want us to suspect him. Plus he is never chosen first at the rose ceremony. It reminds me of the Ian/Meredith relationship that did not really appear until about the third episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogopogo

    Remember on one of Trista and Ryan's dates they showed a wedding and pictures of the bride and groom. Are they sending a similar message here? It just looks so wierd having a bride shown so prominently on a muddy bank.
    Is it possible that the bride is a statue? There is a story of the Lady of the Lake of Avalon moving herself to a lake in Central Park in Manhattan, and it's possible that someone created this statue after the story: http://www.dracandros.com/Jebgarg/tge/excalibr.htm

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