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Thread: Spoilers, Links and Posts - Applies to Everyone

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    Spoilers, Links and Posts - Applies to Everyone

    Seems we have to do this every season...

    If you are NOT in a thread that is clearly marked "**Spoilers**" in the thread title, PLEASE DO NOT post spoiler information gleaned from screenshots, rumors that seem to be verified, or other threads that are marked **Spoilers**.

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world: those who like spoilers, and those who don't. If you're in that first group, have some respect for those in the second.

    Also, please note that our show discussion threads, even though they're marked "Spoilers", are a different kind of thread. We mark those as spoilers because the show airs at different times in different timezones, NOT because they actually contain or allow discussion of spoilers.

    Thank you for your help in keeping our unmarked threads spoiler-free.

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    Due to ongoing problems in previous seasons of Bachelor/ette here at the site, I'd like to take a moment to spell out some specific rules that apply to this forum, in addition to our other rules which apply site-wide, and which we are serious about enforcing, unlike many other sites you may visit.

    Threads here need to remain on topic as much as possible. Something that concerns only one other member (like "nice avatar, where did you get it?" and so on) should use our private messaging system, which is exactly for that purpose. When threads start to wander too far off topic, we will post a reminder. When a reminder is posted, it's not the start of a discussion of our rules or a defense of why it should be okay to be off-topic.

    We do not allow discussion of previous season's contestants. We have an archived Bachelor forum where NEWS regarding those contestants may be posted, and if it's not news, we are not the site for posting info regarding past contestants. This is a conscious decision we have made, and you may not like it, but it's our rule and we enforce it.

    If you're going to post "I agree" or "thanks", or something that's 2 or 3 words, we'd prefer you didn't bother posting it at all. Please attempt to "add value" when you post, for the sake of all of the other members and guests who will end up reading it. Likewise, don't use lingo or over-use smileys.

    We enforce our signature length limits. If you're over 4 lines, please use a smaller font size. If you're over 7 or 8 lines, or have more than 2 smileys, your signature will be reduced or removed. We also DO NOT allow non-FORT-smiley images in signatures, under any circumstances.

    Downloading broadcast media on the internet is ILLEGAL. We do not allow ANY discussion of it here, whatsoever. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy in that regard. If you're downloading episodes because you don't get it in your area, mentioning that fact will probably result in your removal from the site.

    When a show begins airing on the east coast, all threads are locked with the exception of the "show discussion" thread, until the show has completed airing on the west coast. During that time, don't start other threads, and keep show discussion in the appropriate thread. Also, do not change your profile information (signatures, user titles, etc.) to display any "spoiler" information.

    Don't post "spoiler" information in any thread that isn't clearly marked as containing spoilers. A spoiler is something about the show that you couldn't find out by just watching the show on TV. Don't ruin something for people who don't want it ruined by thoughtlessly posting it where it doesn't belong. Just because the show thread says spoilers does not make it ok to discuss future spoilers that have nothing to do with the just broadcast show.

    If you are given a temporary suspension from the site, re-registering as another username will result in all posts under that new username being removed, and both accounts permanently banned from the site.

    We do not allow links to other fan sites. We do allow links to stories in the legitimate media. If you do post a story you must provide a link to the original source. If you do not, the post will be removed . Repeat offenders will be banned.
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    Just so this is absolutely clear:

    Cutting and pasting from another site, be it an article or simply a user's post, is not permissible. Cutting and pasting and then NOT providing a link because it would like to another reality TV website is NOT a loophole around this.

    If you want to discuss what someone posted on another site, describe it in your own words.
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    Another clarification.

    The ABC fan boards are indeed "another reality site" as discussed above. Do not paste posts from those boards. It will lead to an immediate vacation.
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