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Thread: After the Rose Preview from Extra

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    Jen is no longer with Bill of the Apprentice. She found him to be too much like Andrew Firestone. I read that Bill and Amy, formerly of flirting with Nick Warnock on the Apprentice, were see making out in NYC. So, Jen may be back on the market...as they say.

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    Aww..Jen will find hers someday, Im sure. She seems so genuine and sweet..not full of herself, like some others from this show.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Six Degrees
    I could be wrong, but doesn't Burberry make fairly conservative clothes?

    I have to agree, my lengthy Trish defenses nonwithstanding, that she should not have been the focal point of this season. She, in a sense, 'belongs' there because Fleiss and the rest forced her storyline on us, no other well-hated Bachelorettes such as LeeAnn have been brought back just so the audience could hate them one more time. Fleiss ruined the season by focusing on her, the nasty and immature cattiness of the other girls and the grossly manipulated 'stalker thing' and now he's pretty much back stuck having to bring her back for the "After" show, since nobody really knows anything about the winner.

    In retrospect, why not bring Mary or Christina back just so they could be ridiculed one last time for their desparation?

    Also, doesn't Tara look like she got a boob job?
    Could be a fake, I don't know but if it is...it's a darn good one. Burberry is pretty conservative, but they do make halter tops, I have one from last year that shows more than the one Tara is wearing...but I'm not as ummm well endowed as her so it doesn't seem as revealing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaFabulous
    Umm I'm not trying to be rude but I'm guessing she got it at a Burberry store?

    Not sure where you live but there are Burberry stores in Atlanta, NYC, Beverly Hills...there are others I'm sure, that's just the ones I know about.

    Oh I'm sure she could have gotten it off of EBAY.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gillio
    Jen is no longer with Bill of the Apprentice.
    Well that's good. I have to admit, I didn't watch the Apprentice--but that "Secret Exclusive Amazing Audition Tape!" of Bill's didn't really make me think he was the best thing since sliced bread, either. (Basically, "Yeah, I like HOT girls!" bleh.)

    Well, if they have chosen Jen to be the next Bachelorette, I am very happy for her. I also believe she will give the currently-wavering Bachelor/ette series audience a good, fun show. She seems to me to be a great girl and a great catch for some lucky guy. (And she probably loves the fact that she gets a second chance at catching her true love on tv... hopefully it works for her THIS time!)

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    If there has to be a recycled one, I'd like to see her as the next bachelorette.

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    She, in a sense, 'belongs' there because Fleiss and the rest forced her storyline on us
    i agree with that ^

    the spoiledness of Tara continues to come out, why does she think she has the authority to decide who should be where and who should do what. Thats the 2nd time she did that...

    i think it is pretty rediculous that all of these girls are furious at Trish, like she did something to them... Jesse/producers were the ones that was picking her for eveything and they take it on on her because of that... the whorishness of Trish really didn't have anything to do with it

    and you all know damn well you want to hear from and what has happened with Trish since that last 'sleep with me' episode had aired

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    Hi all! I'm new to posting here but not new to the board. Anyway Trish has lost a couple of modeling jobs due to her "character" on tv down here. They say that they don't want her representing their company.

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    Jen as Bachelorette.

    Everyone likes Jen, but as somebody already pointed out, she's had her love story. Is the general viewing public of the frame of mind that she 'deserves' another bite at the apple? Whether or not they like her, will the fan base accept her getting a second chance just because she and Andrew broke up?

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    If I were Jen, I wouldn't do it. Too much publicity is a bad thing in my opinion.

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