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Thread: ***spoiler spam from ABC ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonWolfff
    Trish has been out of steady work since Heidi's "escort" service was closed down. Guess she talked Mike into giving her a trial run on ABC, eh?

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    Strange episodes this time around huh? Women Tell All, Final Rose, even the After the Rose... Way to mix it up... I can't help but to wonder what went on behind the scenes to explain the hoo haa.... or was it the stalking thing that threw things off? Honestly tho, please stop putting Trish on my TV screen..... please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    Because it was obviously spam , as found by your sleuthing . We don't link to other forums if that's what that person wanted. My comments were directed at ABC who has steadfastly refused any sort of co-operation to anyone connected with our website. Fox bends over backwards for us. If it's an ABC publicist who's done the spamming, I'd like ABC to know exactly how we feel about them .
    It's no wonder you are in last place.. ...

    Well said ENY!!!! I am so sick of ABC and their ratings are so low that they will stoop to anything - I think we are all witnesses to that!!! Good for you, ENY -

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    Amen, eny!! I have to agree with you. I think ABC is at an all-time low as far as
    ratings. I hope they get the hint.
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