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Thread: The Bachelor Finale: Thanks For Nothing and Other Nauseating Moments

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    "Tara (crossed out), Jessica" (forgive me, I couldn't find the strikeout option)

    V. funny! Much better than the show. Will never watch the show again now that I've discovered your recaps. I didn't catch most of the episodes, including last night. I can't believe they are so interchangeable that they even picked the same ring!!!!! Wow - no one can ever say that Jesse doesn't have a type.

    Sidenote to hepcat: When did you steal my cat and make him an avatar?

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    Wow, that was an exceptional recap. Thanks to both of you.

    Great job on the telling of Tara puking and apologizing over and over and over. I came close to just switching it off. BLEH "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I've never thrown up in a limo (how unusual, I was puking in limos before I was old enough to drive!) before I'm sorrrrrrrry" ARGH shut UP

    Was it just me or did HostBot look pretty perturbed when she kept asking for "just a minute". I was really hoping he'd just muzzle her and get it over with.

    I'm sorry but, puking over losing JESSE PALMER?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarlady

    I also never liked Tara and think Jesse has barely escaped getting shot.

    Eh I dunno about that. If Daddy Dearest is really as nutso as we saw on the hometown date, and if she's implying that they did the freaky deaky on the overnight date before he dumped her... I'd say he's in more danger of meeting Paw's pistol now.

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    Reading your thoughts
    Thanks for making another Bachelor bearable

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    Since Dad is so charmed by Tara, Mom is oddly hostile, going so far as to say to Jesse that Tara doesnít seem to like boys in general. Huh?
    I couldn't figure this one out either. Was she supposed to give him a lap dance at the dinner table? Me thinks Mom may have been a little troubled by how much Dad liked Tara.

    Great job Sher and Eny recapping a blah conclusion to a blah show. I was surprised you passed up the "How close have you gotten to these girls?" part of the Jesse/Nick conversation at the bar complete with Jesse's strange little wink. Probably just too easy for the two of you.

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    Working Mom
    Excellent!! Bravo!!! The writer/editors should hire you.

    Side bar: I felt really bad for Tara as her anxiety attack brought up of issues of dating betrays from my old single life. So painful. Made me hug my wonderful loyal kids and hubby like teddy bears just to fall asleep.

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    Great recap, so much better than the show.
    I missed the home visits in TV but this recap more than made up for them.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    great job sher and eny!! i have loved all of your recaps! i am gonna miss these more than the show!

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    Great Title

    Great stuff. Thanks for the dual effort!

    As far as Tara's puking scene... VERY POOR EDITING. Retching sound occurs while head is pointed in her lap. By my accounts she would have puked all over her dress. I am surprised that she didn't also puke all over Chris and Jesse. She sorry... sorry... sorry. Yep, I agree she really is a SORRY one.

    Oh well... another episode next week of this stuff. I guess FINALE doesn't really mean FINALE anymore???

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    Jesse tells us in his previous relationships, Nick has picked up on things that Jesse was blind to. Jesse blind to things that everyone else in the planet clued into ten seconds in? Quelle surprise. * cough TRISH cough*

    Well yeah. Iím completely uncomfortable being around you because we have nothing in common and nothing to talk about and the only reason youíre here is because Jenny liked you,Ē

    She looks up at him all doe eyed and bats her eyelashes coyly. He lowers his gaze from her eyes to her breasts and says to them, ďIím sorry. I canít.Ē

    Fantastic recap ladies!
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