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Thread: What does everyone do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kola
    So I know that I work in an office all day and wonder what everyone else does for a living. I think that it is funny that everyone is always on FORT.

    Three guesses?

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    I work nights at an Emergency Vet Clinic. I go on FORT during the day when I get home and spend way too much time here when I should be sleeping Its a bummer that I can never join the show discussions. If I am lucky enough to get to watch a show at work, I can't wait to get home and see all the snarky comments And if I have to wait til I get home to watch the tape, it takes a lot of self control not to come here first. :nono

    Well, off to read the boards... for only 30 min... really... must go to bed...

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    I'm an orthopedic physical therapist...thus the screen name...this is my entertainment between patients, over my lunch hour and as a great procrastination tool from paperwork!! My coworker and I print off the bachelorettes or bachelors pictures every season and put them up on a bulletin board. Then we shuffle them around as we make our picks for the game each week! The rest of our colleagues think we are crazy!

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    Please visit the Announcements forum, where we have an "Introduce yourself" thread already. Thanks.

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