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Thread: So who gave it away!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drrealee
    What I want to know is this... with a "one way first class ticket to New York" given to her, how the heck is she supposed to travel back to the west coast when she wises up and realizes that keeping his ego boosted is gonna be harder than the next 2 years of law school? By GreyHound bus????
    Well everyone claims this girl is so bright... Lets hope she was bright enough to downgrade to Coach from first class... and that should cover the trip home...

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    Quote Originally Posted by berries
    I think it's CHRIS HARRISON selling the inside information to the NE!! He's socking away the money so he can quit this stupid job!
    That was my immediate thought! 'It's RoboChris' !! It could be... unless his contract is even more binding than the contestants... And if it is, maybe he is getting revenge at having such a stupid job by spilling secrets to the NE!
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