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Thread: "Back off, b*tch"

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    "Back off, b*tch"

    Hello, I'm a long time lurker, but this is my first post. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by starting my own topic, but I wasn't sure where to put this thread.

    Anyway, I've watched The Bachelor all season, and I was wondering if we ever got to see the "Back off, b*tch" clip? Did I miss it, or did they never play it? Darn ABC and their misleading previews! I'm curious to see who was pinning whom, and where that sound byte came from.

    Anyone have any insight?

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    I wondered about it too. Frankly, i think they never aired it. If they did then i missed it.

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    I think it was not a fight at all

    I've watched it religously, and I honestly think it was them horsing around. You saw them doing keg stands! Those girls like to get wild! Anyway, I think they were just wrestling around or something and it never made the show. Which is terrible of ABC and extremely misleading.

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    Here it is. Was Karen 'fighting' over the date box. Just playing around looks like.

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    Re: "Back off, b*tch"

    I really hate when they air clips in previews but then never show them. I've watched every second of this season and I never saw it either. I think it's ridiculous.

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