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Being Catholic myself I'm a little confused - I believe that the official standing of the church is that they don't believe in pre-marital sex (not that I've ever met a priest in North America who would actually condemn you for this - I have known people who have consulted their parish priest about this and birth control and they have all been told to follow their own conscience), thereby precluding living together.

So what was with the wanting "to wake up next" to her bit? Thats ok? I think they are a little mixed up about "the rules".

Anyway, my husband and I moved in together when we decided we were going to get married and our priest said he wouldn't marry us in the church unless we were living apart. We had done this for financial reasons. Lucklly his parents lived in the city (but inconveniently far from his job) and he pretended he had moved back home. Anyway we've been married 20+ years.

People are always looking for reasons why marriages don't work. There is no sure fire test and no magic solution. IMO its part luck and a lot to do with your mind set. You have to be committed to the concept of staying in a marriage and making it work no matter what. That is the trick. The luck part enters into the picture because you never know if your spouse doesn't turn out to be some kind of nut bar or abuser - those types of people are the ones who are best at hiding it.

I am also Catholic and my husband and I lived together for financial reasons before we got married. And to make a point, I will reveal that he and I did not have sex until we were married. Just because you live with someone does not mean that you have sex. Personally, it was great living together (we also had a roommate for a while) because we did the longest distance thing for awhile.

After saying all that, we were married by a priest and he had no problem with it either. I would if Jessica just meant that because of their relationship with God that they did not want to live together. But, I agree, I have never heard that it is against the church to live together.