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Thread: Bets on how long it lasts?

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    sometime between the end of summer and Thanksgiving...if they aren't already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debster
    I know there are some that are pro-Tara and pro-Jessica. Assuming he picks one of them and proposes - how long do you think it will last?

    1) They are already broken up (find out about it in the next 2 weeks)
    2) They break up before the end of the summer (August 2004)
    3) They last up till Christmas (December 2004)
    4) Only till Valentine's Day (February 2005)
    5) 1 year (May 2005)
    6) They get married

    I'm going for #3. I don't think they'll get to share a Xmas together.

    Hummmmm........I venture to guess #1 but add that they will remain friends just like they are now.
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    Said this in another thread...

    I bet he will be seen at Trish's trailer park for a one night stand in less than a couple of months. #2 - end of summer

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    I'd say #7

    7) He breaks up with the one he chooses because he figures out he actually loves the other one. Then he marries the other one and they live happily ever after.

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    I'll pick #3. I don't think they're broken up already because this is the best publicity a third string quarterback is going to get, so he's probably hanging in there yet.

    Other than that, I can't say I care. I've watched this show other "season's" and have had more of an emotional attachment than I have this time. I'm not sure of why but I just don't feel like he really cares for any of these girls. Not in a boyfriend-girlfriend way. I think he just talks the talk.

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    Definitely 1 or 2.

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    i think #1

    but, if he chose jessica, i hope at least #5 since she is looking to change law schools for him...

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    :rolleyes Mmmmm..... My guess is also #2. I had high hopes and consider myself to be a hopeless romantic at heart but the track record for these couples actually staying together is pretty bad. I agree that there just seems to be something missing from this season. I am looking forward to watching tonite but am not emotionally connected either.

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    I'm feeling #2 or #3. They at least have to make it past the end of their contractual obligation.
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    I'll go with # 2 also.... (no matter which blonde he picks). After they make the required talk show circuit, they'll each go back to their own lives.... However, I can see some of the friendships that developed amongst the women lasting longer than that... of course, that might be kind of awkward for Jenny - if she stays friends with either of the last 2 girls.

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