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Thread: NY Post article about Finale...a little spoilerish

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    Reasons why it could be Tara ***spolierish***

    1) Remember that at the last rose ceremony, Jesse took no time in picking the first person - Tara. Then he took a long pause (thinking?) before he picked Jessica. Seems that Jesse has no doubts about picking Tara, but may have some second thoughts about Jessica.

    2) He may have been setting Jessica up for the eventuality with that comment "I'm also falling in love with another woman," so that she doesn't take it too hard when it comes.

    3) The producers may have purposefully showed a negative side of Tara's family (didn't show her Mom and showed her Dad in a belligerent mood) to catch the viewers on the wrong foot. Jessica's family seemed normal and I'm sure Tara's is too (though they didn't show that on TV).

    4) Jesse tried really hard to open up Tara last week. Why would he do that if he is not seriously interested in her. He could have easily cut her last round because she was hard to read, but he didn't.

    5) Don't forget that guys like women who are enigmatic, mystical, and a little hard to crack. Tara is one of those; Jessica reads like a open book.

    In any case, whoever Jesse picks, I don't think either relationship will last beyond 6 months, given the failure history of prior Bachelor/ettes.

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    While Jesse has considered Jenny's advice in previous episodes, it is clear that he has not taken it. (Trish) He makes up his own mind.

    And...Jenny said repeatedly that she likes both Jessica and Tara so I really don't give much credence to her comment from the very first night that she liked Tara.

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    I still think he picks Jessica.

    To respond to surferblonde

    1) We also know that from previous series they are told to mix up the order so it is not obvious who the lead women are. As for the pause, typically in when the numbers get smaller, Jesse always pauses to look at the girl he is saying goodbye to - before giving out the final rose of the night. He also mentioned something like that in the diary.

    2) If he was setting her up, I doubt he would have gone that far as to say he LOVES her. I believe he didn't say LOVE to Tara. I think he said falling for, or something.

    3) Negatives were shown for both girls: Jessica's Mom - controlling. TAra's dad - hillbillyish. Of course, both probably have good strengths but as for the negatives, I see it as 1 each.

    4) In EVERY episode Jesse has tried to get Tara to communicate. If he is still asking her to, it is not a good sign. They should be beyond that if he is thinking of proposing shortly afterwards.

    5) He does admit to wanting a challenge. I'll give you that. However, I do think that Jessica is not a wuss. Her comment when they were on the beach that of course she wouldn't give up her education.

    I do agree that I doubt either relationship will last more than 6 months post After the Final Rose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debster
    2) If he was setting her up, I doubt he would have gone that far as to say he LOVES her. I believe he didn't say LOVE to Tara. I think he said falling for, or something.
    He told Tara that he was falling for her.
    "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past once more?"

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    When they say that the loser didn't take it too well, it might not mean she was angry, but if it's Tara, that she physically didn't take it very well. So, perhaps those caps are a demonstration of that.
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    [QUOTE=Cookie Momster]You all remember that Trista was pregnant with Charlie's baby, right? QUOTE]

    I remember this REALLY well...LOL! It was funny.
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    Thanks for the article...interesting.

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    The NY post writer was mistaken....both the girls have brown eyes, not blue. It is SO very obvious....

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