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Thread: The Next Bachelor/ette + RCM's RANT REVISITED

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    I know alot of you don't want anyone brought back from a previous season, but I'd like to see Lanny, Matthew or Damon - yum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by berries
    I always thought it was stupid to start with 25 women and go to 15 on the first show! How well can you get to know 25 people in one night?!?! If the person doing the choosing is going mostly by looks, couldn't they just give them a book of 50 photos & short bios and have them pick 15 or 20 that they'd like to get to know out of there.
    No kidding. Dumping 40% of the women (or men) within hours of a racous, staged meeting is dumb. What's the point? It adds to the cost of production, and the only reason I can see for it would be the humiliation factor, I guess. Let the Bach/ette (and us) get to know all the contestants over the course of a few days, then make a thoughtful cut. Much more interesting, IMO.

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