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    Editing worse now

    Quote Originally Posted by Six Degrees
    Which season was worse, Jesse or Blob? I would say Blob's because we knew going in that he had to be forced into doing the show, and we knew he didn't want to find true love. At least with Jesse we can sort of believe that he came on with good intentions. On the other hand, Blob's was editted well, we kinda sorta believed he and Estella would make a go of it. This one, we're all thinking 'they must have made this series about Trish because the romance crashed and burned from the star.'
    I think both shows haven't been that great, but what really sticks out for me is the totally piss poor editing for Jesse's show. The haven't shown us hardly anything that is important. They focused on Trish WAY Too much and this took time away from what must of us wanted to see. I really dont think Jesse is a bad bachelor, it's the show that stinks!

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    I agree. I think Jesse is a mediocre Bachelor - not terrible, just not the most charismatic or interesting guy on the planet. But the overt, tabloid-style manipulation has turned this into a farce.

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